Tilek Cherikov

Чериков Тилек Аскарбекович, родился 5 февраля 1982 года в Иссык кульской области , в селе Тюп, республика Кыргызстан. Нас в семье пятеро, у нас очень дружная семья. Мои папа и мама врач и учитель по образованию, все , что у меня есть , во многом благодаря им. Мои родители очень творческие люди, они хорошо играют на музыкальных инструментах и прекрасно поют , Папа играет на комузе (национальный , струнный инструмент) Мама на баяне . Видимо творческая натура передалась и мне, так как в семь лет , когда я впервые увидел зарубежный фильм , в душном , тесном видеосалоне , те времена , когда фильмы показывали на видеокассетах vhs , на больших ламповых телевизорах произвел на меня неизгладимое впечатление , я был потрясен увиденным, и влюбился в кино , любовь оказалась взаимной . Этот фильм был Джеймса Кэмерона, Терминатор 1. А первая книга прочитанная мною — Джеймс Хэдли Чейз «Весь мир в кармане» . С тех пор мы с братом , Тимуром, стали сочинять различные истории, идеи , как для существующих , так и для новых фильмов. Мои учители это мои родители , мой брат , книги , lдрузья и конечно фильмы со всего мира. Каждый раз , когда я вижу хороший фильм, или читаю интересную книгу, я радуюсь словно ребенок впервые увидевший снег. Наш мир прекрасен , пока есть искусство.

Cherikov Tilek Askarbekovich, was born February 5, 1982 in Issyk Kul region, in the village of Tup, Kyrgyzstan. Us five in the family, we have a very close-knit family. My father is doctor and mother is teacher , all that I have in many respects thanks to them. My parents are very creative people, they play well on musical instruments and sing well, Papa plays komuz (national, stringed instrument) Mom on the accordion. Apparently creative nature was passed on to me, because in seven years, when I saw foreign film for the first time, in a stuffy close video salon, a time when movies shown on video vhs, on the big TV sets made an indelible impression on me, I was shocked by what I saw and I fell in love with the movie, the love was mutual. This film was James Cameron’s Terminator 1. My first book was- James Hadley Chase «The world in pocket» Since then, Me and my brother Timur began to compose different stories, ideas for new films.. My teachers — my parents, my brother, books, friends and movies of all over the world. Everytime when I see a good movie or read an interesting book, I am happy like a child first time see the snow. Our world is wonderful as long as there art.


Отрывок из произведения «Love»

A moderately furnished room. A couch, a table, some stools. A tea pot and mugs are sitting on the table.

All over the place are handwritten pieces of paper and dull pencils. The radio is buzzing on the table.

The window is wide open, the curtains are fluttering in the wind. One can hear delighted voices of children.

On the table there is a crumpled piece of paper which says: I AM LEAVING YOU FOR GOOD!

A close-up of the stool, featuring the feet of a YOUNG MAN in wrinkled pants.

One can spot socks in two different colors and dirty shoes.

YOUNG MAN is puttering about; he starts to swing the stool; the stool legs creak under the weight of the body.

Young Man’s legs make a slow 180-degree turn. He is inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.

The stool is about to collapse, suddenly the landline phone rings.

Young Man’s legs freeze; he hardly manages to keep the stool in place with the tips of his shoes.

The phone keeps ringing and ringing until the auto answer switches on.


young man

(delighted voice recorded on the auto answer)

Hello, yes please…(pause, laughter) Aha, I got you! Actually this is an auto answer. I would kill to see your face now that you were about to say something but figured out it was just an auto answer. So please speak after the signal sound. I will do my best to follow up.


Young Man’s legs twitch on the edge of the stool, he is trying his best to keep the stool steady. Young Man breathes heavily.

The rope is twitching and tightening. The stool legs start to crackle under the weight of his body.


The signal sound beeps.


The phone features voice of a Young Woman.

Young woman

(narrator’s voice, frustrated)

And you really think that this is funny!?


Young Man’s legs freeze, trying to balance the stool with the shoe tips.

Young woman

(narrator’s voice, frustrated)

Let’s put aside the very fact that you have an ancient landline phone with an auto-answer function instead of a smart phone…


Young Man’s legs tagger on the stool; he hardly manages to balance himself.


Young woman

(frustrated yet smiling)

Yes, I know, we have already discussed everything, but I just want to say the last word before I disappear from your life…


Young Man’s legs shiver, struggling to keep a grip of the stool; stool legs creak.

Young woman

(speaks in frustration, bursts into tears)

What a fool you are! I was freaked out by every bit and piece of you… You just rolled up in my life out of nowhere…


Young Man’s legs are about to let the grip off the stool.

Young woman

(speaks very seriously, crying)

I was trying to chase you out and humiliated you all the time. I didn’t take you seriously and was continuously criticizing you, but you, a stubborn arsehole, didn’t want to give up…


Young Man’s legs shiver; he is trying to keep the stool with the tips of his shoes. He breathes heavily, sniffing.


Young woman

(speaks seriously and through tears)

All of this was only to protect you from myself! People like me should be isolated from the society and kept somewhere on an inhabited island!


Young Man’s feet are again about to loosen the hold of the creaky stool.

Young woman

(through tears)

I knew that you were going through hard times… No one wanted to publish your poems, you were half-starving. You worked as a loader during night time, doing your best to save some money for a chamomile bouquet. When you took me out to a low-cost café, you were sick but you handled it so well…


Young Man’s feet can barely keep the stool steady; he breathes heavily.

Young woman

(speaks while crying)

When we met for the very first time, you looked at me the way no one else ever looked. That was a look full of respect and admiration, without a single hint of

dirtiness. And when you touched my hand, I felt as if I was electrocuted. Your touch was so innocent, tender, and pure…


Young Man’s feet balance in an unbelievable way, holding the grip of the stool’s edge.

Young woman

(through tears)

I was making fun of you for the entire evening and you just smiled at me in such a cute way… You literally looked through me and I could feel your piercing eyes reaching my soul. All the others undress me and touch my body in their dirty minds, all except for you! You kissed my heart, you caressed my soul!


Young Man’s legs freeze for a moment, then start shivering. He breathes heavily.


Young woman

(through tears)

When you walked me home, I could tell that you were about to collapse. You must have been starving for a few days. You could have spent that money on your needs, but you were saving it for me! After you had left, I was picked up by my clients…


Young Man’s legs are strained, his breath is heavy.

Young woman


Yes, I am a prostitute! A whore! A worm! I told you that I worked at the sewing shop and you always bought it when I was saying that all my bruises and scratches were from the sewing machine…

Why the hell would you need someone like me!? I have no clue why you are so much attracted to me! I could never say it explicitly, but was always hinting at it. And you were obsessed and didn’t want to hear a word!


Young Man’s feet are about to loosen the grip.

Young woman


I was sitting in a super fancy restaurant, surrounded by a bunch of horny alpha-males. And the only thing I could think of was whether I had put your chamomiles in a vase so they didn’t wither…


Young Man held grip of the stool with his shoe tips the very last minute.

Young woman

(through tears)

I moved in to your place. Yes, you have a very modest house yet it is so cozy… I felt so safe there, as if I was at home… You devoted your poems to me and called me your muse and I was over the moon! At night I would go to work and come back only in the morning. You would sleep on the couch, with your hand underneath your head. The entire room would be covered with handwritten sheets of paper. I would sit next to you, hug you and cry while you were sleeping.


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