Selena dark Waterfalls

Пишу рассказы и книги с девяти лет. Обожаю создавать свои миры. Я не поэт, но пишу стихи как песни к своим книгам. Люблю книги.

I like to write books. I had been writin books since i was nine yers old. My life — in books.

Chose of duty

The last our day you remember was funny

Full of carelessness, repose and sunny

And you can continue life, not to change your fate.

So, will you go ahead or stop in this state?


So much ways

in front of you are staying

So much days

in your life were rainy

But empty fates in the world so many

You’ll be in social or will be with your nature.


And when you will chose your role you can not yet return.

Will you want to rewrite your usual life plan?

Or will you sit shameful, cheeks like rose?

So, it is your chance and it is your chose.


Duty calls:

you must live your long life

Duty calls:

you’re as if on blade of  knife

Fate is only your sad satellite

And you are falling now in a dark gulf.


And when the last lifes will run in front of you

Capricious, null, meak, grave and very good

When you’ll understand the darkness of your fate,

But continue your duty, you’ll be compensate.


Other life

help to treat your wounds

Other life

stop this endless rounds

Everything will change, all will be as you want,

But remember that now you’re in this duty swamp!

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