Maria Nevzorova

Увлекаюсь жизнью на постоянной основе, творчеством — время от времени.

poetry «What is your citizenship, my friend?»

What is your citizenship, my friend

And from which are you country from?

What makes you like me and my friends

What separates us at all?

My name is Human Being,

And what is your name, my friend?

I currently live on this Planet,

Do you live here as well?

May I look at your passport, Sky?

Are you allowed to live at this region

Or you are illegal one?

Do you proud of your country or wish to escape ASAP?

I would like to make a proposal

In a nutshell: to think more Global and update our points of view!

Let’s decisively step forward

To creation a Welcome City, Union City on the single Planet!

The one of the most important conclusions

Which I’ve recently done– we are not isolated nations!

Consisted miraculously from Culture and Art,

Our affluent History dictates us to live as One

We can dispute about elections, endless focus on currency rates,

Issue doctrines, establish rules,

But none of us can choose their parents,

None of us can re-make the Earth!

Time is running, we live non-stopping

Meanwhile we can pause: to reflect, to dream

We do able respect each other neglect on a nation

We do able create the Planet’s Art

Our links are more than stable

And much more stronger than any steel rope

We all are Human Beings

And we should be proud of this fact!

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