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Увлекаюсь изучением иностранных языков. Литературным творчеством занимаюсь с октября 2016 года.

Фантастика, альтернативная реальность «Mercy of Gods»


For some time they were walking silently. The woman promptly moved, trying to escape the persecutor, but Fyodoros stayed close after her. When they turned to the empty lane, he decided to start talking: “Listen, I know that you arrived from the other planet. I know that you reached this place using the invisible aircraft for the purpose of studying of our culture and language. I understand that your safe return is of great importance both for you, and for us. Therefore I won’t cause you any difficulties; I won’t try to detain you or to interfere with your safe return to the ship by which you had arrived. I want to warn you that it is dangerous to pay off with false banknotes.”

The woman threw off her hood and turned back: “Why do you tell me about it?”

“Because among crew members of the spaceship withheld by you there is a husband of my sister. She will give birth to a child who is also his one. All of us wait for his return. Other pilots also have wives and children. The families want to see their fathers.”

“If our stay on your planet goes on safely, and we collect all the information necessary for us, crew members will return to their families,” answered the female mechanism without emotions.

“That’s just the point. Your mission is under the threat. Can we go to some secluded place and talk quietly there? You are interested in communication, aren’t you? And you communicate with others willingly, don’t you? Why not with me?”

The logic of Fyodoros’s proof obviously made positive impact on the ‘guest’ therefore she agreed:

“Ok. Where should we go?”

“Let’s go to the park. I hope nobody will disturb us there.”

Having sat down on a small bench, Fyodoros tried to explain the level of the measures of detection which were held:

“Military forces are spotted around that place where your aircraft had landed and they are waiting for your return. As soon as you come nearer, you will be seized to identify the country from which you had arrived. The matter is that we have never faced aliens yet, and many of us are sure that you are the agents of enemy intelligence forces. There are different countries on our planet which fight for leadership in technologies and arms to establish the domination over the other states. Therefore each country protects the borders from violation and the secrets from disclosure.”

“On our planet there are no separate countries,” explained the guest showing astonishment for the facts mentioned by Fyodoros. “There is the general government. Each region makes the contribution within its power to sustention of balance on our planet. All are interested in cooperation.”

“On our planet not everybody understands that it is more profitable to cooperate, than to be at enmity,” responded Fyodoros with a sigh. “You have to understand that thousands of people are looking for you now. You are considered a threat to our safety.”

“We don’t pose any threat,” it was possible to sense sincerity in a mechanical voice.

“You won’t be believed. All the evidence is against you: the invisible aircraft, false banknotes, that unfortunate farmer whom you had frightened…”

“Believe me, I didn’t want it! The matter is that we use the pulsing movements when we need to cover long distances. I was mistaken on a tiny part of a degree at the following place of a pulsation installation and turned out to be not there where the other members of our research group did. I found myself on the road along which the huge animal rushed. I was frightened: I was just protecting myself! There are no such large animals on our planet.”

“And why did you have your breast on your back?” wondered Fyodoros.

“Oh, this!” the alien took her breast in hand. “I couldn’t understand what for it is. I assumed that it is something like a bag or a backpack, and I considered it more convenient to wear on my back, but not in front.”

Naivety of the ‘guest’ made Fyodoros laugh. But he’d better not laugh because Elisabeth who had arrived to the town together with the general was watching them for some time. She didn’t want to wait for the return of her husband at the hotel and went for a walk to the park.

“Don’t women on your planet have breast?” asked Fyodoros.

“We are all of the same gender,” told the woman about the unusual situation as something quite clear and natural.

“How do you give birth to your children?” Fyodoros was astonished.

“If Eskalamousyan decides to bring the child into this life, he has to seclude himself in his house where nobody will disturb him and to concentrate all his thoughts on that being for whom he waits, and for whom he will care. And if his desire is strong and sincere, then the Live Matter will respond to his request and embody his dream in reality: the Eskalamousyan will have a baby on his hands whom he will bring up, to whom he will devote twenty years of his life. During this time he must communicate to him all his accumulated experience.”

“Don’t you have schools and universities where all children and young people could go for knowledge acquisition?” the life arrangement on the other planet seemed to Fyodoros so unusual that he couldn’t keep from questions.

“Not all knowledge of the world is important, but only that which you acquired personally. It makes you unique and significant for the society in which you live. You are appreciated for the things you saw and experienced personally, but not for the things which you have heard or read in the writings of other people.”

“It sounds interesting,” Fyodoros was surprised, “and, in its way, it is correct.”

Fyodoros caught some peace and tranquility from the ‘guest’, and this placidity reflected in his eyes and his smile which wasn’t pleasant to Elisabeth who appeared in front of him as a fury.

“I am rushing to him, I worry about him! And he meets some other woman! What a dangerous task! Nothing to say! I wonder general Danglou knows of your adventures? Or you cheat even on him?”

At the appearance of an angry young woman the alien threw the hood over her head and disappeared at once.

Fyodoros, still enjoying felicity, explained with a smile: “It is a new type of remote communication. It’s a secret development. You shouldn’t have seen it.”

But Elisabeth couldn’t react to Fyodoros’s words now, she reacted to his strange look:

“If you feel so good with her, you can stay with her,” taking off the ring from her finger, she threw it on the ground and ran away. The alien reappeared nearby: “Your inhabitants are too emotional.”

“It’s all because of her pregnancy,” explained Fyodoros, picking up a ring and putting it accurately in his jacket pocket. “She expects a baby from me.” “She is unlikely to want this child,” said the ‘guest’ with doubt.

“Why do you think so?”

“If she really expected the appearance of this baby, she wouldn’t run in the streets and shout, she would sit quietly in her house and imagine how she would hold this baby in her hands rejoicing his smile, kissing his small fingers and pink cheeks, talking to him. It is necessary to be prepared for the appearance of a new being.”

“Do you have children?”

“Not yet. I have to acquire experience in the first place in order to have something to communicate to him. Therefore I joined this expedition to get invaluable experience of flight through many light years, of getting knowledge of a new culture and communication in other language. I will give all this to my kid. He will be a specialist on the planet Spark.”

“And what do you do on your planet? Do you have problems with food, with providing all Eskalamousyans with necessary things for living?”

“We can multiply objects by power of desire. It is easy for us. Therefore we don’t need to worry about what to eat or what to dress. We have a lot of free time which we devote at first to accumulation of invaluable experience, and then its transfer to our children. Every Eskalamousyan has the right only for one child. It isn’t easy to obtain it, it is great honour and responsibility. The Live Matter must be sure that She transfers a part of her to reliable hands.”

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