Dana Zheteyeva

Переводами я увлеклась давно, сначала переводила для себя, теперь занимаюсь этим профессионально. В основном это проза, ну и много технических документов. Сейчас решила попробовать себя в поэзии. Люблю читать, играю на скрипке (как Шерлок Холмс)). Также преподаю английский в университете. У меня трое замечательных детей, которые меня во всем поддерживают.

I have been translating for myself for a while, now it’s my profession. I translate mostly prose and a lot of technical documentation. This year I decided to try myself in translating poetry. I love reading and I play violin (just like Sherlock Holmes)). Also I teach English at the university. I have three wonderful children, who support me in all my projects.


A smile that touched his lips, confusion in the eyes

A post card in his hands made from frayed paper

“Just tell me, can I live till Sunday, please?

To celebrate my mother’s birthday later?


I promise to you all, I’ll be a good chap,

Will swallow all the bitter drugs, won’t cry,

I want the handmade card to reach my mum

Until the end of week, okay?


Why are you silent, doctor, why?

Why do these tears shower from your eyes?

Don’t cry, please, doc, I need to stay alive…

And I will take you with me, right?”.


The long awaited day has come

He left his bed for birthday

And gave the precious present to his mum

And passed to his eternal rest the next day.



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