Anna Avdeeva (Анна Авдеева)

Профессиональный историк и музыкант, в настоящее время обучаюсь на музыкальном факультете Ионического университета (о-в Корфу) по специальности «джазовое исполнительство — фортепиано, вокал», а также в Институте церковной музыки при Митрополии Керкирской, Паксийской и Диапонтийских островов. Являюсь официальным помощником Главы Общества «Очаг культуры» (Εστία Πολιτισμού), занимающегося сохранением национальных греческих традиций в области музыки, театра и танца.



From the very first sight of him anyone unconsciously got inspired by his love of life and cheerfulness that H. Hesse called «mystery of the beautiful and true core of any art». This feature was growing stronger through the years and, knowing the circumstances of his life, needed hefty courage. A person, who fills each of his steps with the energy, seems to be old-fashioned in the sence of indifference to temporal ideals, protopsaltis Georgios Ladovrehis – significant name in the musical culture of Corfu.
At the time when many greeks go abroad searching for some better life, he gathers like-minded people and founds the society «Hearth of Culture» (Εστία Πολιτισμού), which aims to keep national traditions in all kinds of art. It comes to my mind a wise philosophical saying: «I am coming out of my lonelyness to your orphanhood, to you who are robed». Although his being quite unearthly often draws attention, he values all the beautiful, true friendship, is fond of long talks and always aware of events occuring around.
His life is devoted to the byzantine chant. How did it happen?.. The beginning is always historical, in other words, accidental. From the personal circumstances its possible to know that G. Ladovrehis deeply comprehended the majesty of ecclesiastical life in anticipation of his daughter’s birth. Its rather difficult even to slightly open the secret veil of a human soul, but its amazing that exactly at that moment he turned to the result of the most lofty spiritual aspirations, to the byzantine tradition of church singing.
Many years passed before G. Ladovrehis began to conduct public lessons at the Institute of Church Music of the Metropolis of Kerkyra and different cultural centers, started to prepare cycles of broadcasts, familiarizing a wide range of people with the spiritual riches. By that time he managed to succeed as a byzantine chant performer, organazier and conductor of choirs. Did Georgios Ladovrehis influence on the musical life of Greece? The answer is rather definite… His numerous students go forward with his case in their motherland and abroad.
If the alive thread is torn – the tradition will be interrupted because it breaths not in the manuscripts, but in the human souls and should go from one person to another. First of all, not a sum of knowledge is transmitted but there is shown a way which anyone can follow.
According to the deep belief of G. Ladovrehis, a person is called to «create himself», to cultivate his mind and heart. And its well known that this occupation needs much self-discipline. All the good is achieved with an effort and it concerns culture on the whole. That is what mostly impressed after each meeting with him – unceasing aspiration forward and painstaking work.

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