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Я-педагог, психолог, писатель, переводчик. Пишу повести, рассказы, стихи, статьи. Мои работы постоянно печатаются в СМИ нашей республики, издано семь моих книг. Последняя моя книга называется «Лабиринты жизни», из которой взят рассказ-фанфик «Побеждая смерть»… Также, люблю рисовать, слушать хорошую музыку. У меня двое детей, мой сын-гид, дочь-филолог. У меня хорошие, любящие дети, много друзей. Я- член Русского культурного центра, активно участвую в культурных мероприятиях моего города. В общем, я- творческий человек.

Отрывок из произведения  “Defeating Death”


…Watson looked with a curiosity at a woman. In his opinion, Lester was mistaken only in one thing: it was necessary then to marry her! She is a charming woman. When Lester asked him to bring Jenny, this expression of feeling found a response in his soul. He thought about how surprised the elite would be when he learned about the romantic whim of such a prominent person. He deeply respected Lester and always remembered that he owed him his well-being. He was ready to give Lester any service. In addition, he was intrigued by the words of Jenny. «To whom she was going to go?»

The crew quickly rolled along the long streets to the smoke-trapped village that was in the old part of town. He consisted of some twenty or thirty houses scattered in a picturesque area on the shore of the lake. Jenny admired the white bell-tower in the green of the trees and the boats, quietly rocking on the calm water of the lake …

She remembered the time when she first came here, accompanied by Mrs. Davis’ compassionate neighbor. It was a few days after the death of her only daughter, Vesta. Separation from Lester, then Vesta’s sudden death severely damaged her. Tired of anxiety and sleepless nights, Jenny seemed petrified by grief. She felt the earth open beneath her. She did not want to live, she wanted to be next to her girl … Then the neighbor, seeing her unfeigned despair, brought them to these quiet  places where her relative, Mrs. Bauman, lived in a secluded, neat little house. The house was literally buried in greenery. The old woman  was a little weird, she did not like strangers in these parts and did not maintain relations with her neighbors. She was afraid and quietly whispered: «Witch». She always collected some herbs in the vicinity, but before she tore the grass, she silently talked with him, stroked, and then carefully tore off, trying not to damage the root. Despite the fact that she was more than ninety years old, this mobile, energetic old woman looked twenty years or even thirty years younger than her years.

At that time, she greeted them affably, sat them down at the table, fed them, gave them water and from time to time, cast a mysterious glance at Jenny, who was detached from the whole world, indifferent to everything that was happening around her. Mrs. Davis told her about the misfortune of a young woman. She got up, went to her, and ordered her eyes closed. Jenny obediently obeyed. Standing behind, the old woman began to make some passes around the guest’s head, without touching her. When she shook her hands away, Jenny seemed to wake from a long sleep. Her look became meaningful and she again felt the bitterness of her loss. For the first time she cried. Mrs. Davis was surprised to see what was happening, because for all the time, after the death of her daughter, Jenny could not drop the tears — her soul seemed to be petrified. And now, tears streamed down the pale face of the young woman. Mrs. Davis made a move to come closer to her, to support, but the imperious look of the old lady stopped her. Slightly weeping, Jenny, soon calmed down. The old woman, with a heavy sigh, said:

«You came to me late, daughter, late … You should have brought your daughter to me as soon as she fell ill. Then maybe I could help her. Now it’s too late … Well, let God’s will! Resign your daughter, live on. In the future, if you need my help, you can come to me. I will try to help you, because you have a clean, kind soul!”

Since then, several years have passed … Jenny resigned herself to fate and lived on. But, realizing that she could not live alone, she took two adopted children: the black-haired girl Rosa and the four-year-old boy Harry. She quietly lived with her adopted children, rarely communicating with neighbors, followed the cleanliness of the house, farming and growing flowers. The old Swede lived with them, her only servant …

This plan originated in her head all at once. That evening, when, after another bout of terrible pain, the exhausted Lester was almost unconscious, pale, exhausted. She made a decision, but if only the old woman was alive! Jenny was sure: she would save her lover …

The crew stopped short of reaching the old woman’s house — Jenny ordered to stop. Asking Watson to wait for her, she quickly walked toward a secluded house, buried in verdure.


The old woman was at home and, to Jenny’s joy, she was perfectly well! She greeted the guest with hospitality and did not ask about anything. After a short while she sat silently, Jenny gathered her spirit and began to talk quietly about all that had happened. The old woman listened in silence. The house smelled of fragrant herbs. ..

«Your lovely kidneys refused, they are dead,» said the old woman, pensively choosing a bunch of fresh, sweet-smelling herbs. «If he does not urgently help, he will die in two hours. I can help you, because, this time, you came on time. But, for this I will need a kidney of a living person!

Jenny frightened back like a whip! «The kidney of a living

person?! But where does she get it?» Everything in her turned cold inside. «So she can not help her beloved» …

“You can,» said the old woman, as though reading her mind, «give him your kidney. And we have very little time …”

Jenny thought for a moment. After the last attack, to alleviate the suffering of Lester, the doctor had to inject him with morphine. After another attack, he can not survive! Yes, she did not have time to think. If only he was alive, he could not die like this, easily! And she decided:

“I am at your service! Make him survive!”

The old woman grunted with satisfaction. She did not expect another decision from her, for from the very first meeting she felt her dedication and appreciated the desire, if necessary from the bottom of the heart, completely disinterestedly to help any person. And for a loved one, she certainly will not regret anything, even her life!

«Lie down there,» she pointed to the couch with her hand, «and do not be afraid of anything! I’ll take your kidney from you without any blood and a scalpel. Even cuts will not. Trust me and do not be afraid of anything. However, after the procedure, you will stay with me for some time, I will heal you and help you to recover. Month three you will be very sick, therefore, from time to time you will come to me. Without my help, you can die!”

«But, how do you put the kidneys into Lester?» Jenny exclaimed in surprise. «I can not bring him to you, can I? And you can not be lucky there!”

The old woman grinned.

«But this is not your concern!» The old woman smiled. «Everything will be different. You will feel it very soon! Lie down!”


In the meantime, after another bout, Lester was unconscious. It was the end. Morphine did not help the patient anymore. He was in a deep coma. Doctors no longer hoped for his recovery. All relatives were notified. The ship on which Mrs. Kane was returning to her homeland was three days’ journey from New York …

…     Long absence Jenny tired Watson. He got out of the cab and glanced around enthusiastically. All around was such an amazing beauty. And Watson did not know that there was such a paradise with such a fragrant, fresh air, not far from the city bustle, eternal rumbling, noise, dusty air. He walked slowly to the side where Jenny had gone. When he saw the cozy house, he approached her. Quietly went to the window. Jenny was talking to a mobile, clean old lady. He listened to their conversation. And the hair on his head stood on end: «So Jenny, desperate and losing hope of Lester’s recovery, came to the witch ?! How could the elite be surprised if he knew about this great and real love without borders! Is it possible in life? This is an unexpected turn! »

He watched with curiosity the actions of the old sorceress, saw her dry out her sleeves, put her hand sharply into Jenny’s body, tore out her kidney! Nevertheless, there was not even a small wound on Jenny’s body! It’s amazing!

…The old woman held a piece of meat on her hands, from which blood dripped! Here, the old lady bent over her, and began to make some strange movements. After a while, Jenny’s eyelashes quavered a little. Young woman gradually began to come to her senses. And the old lady, without paying any attention to her guest, suddenly looked out the window…


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