Lonely Soul

Я окончил военное авиационное училище, долго занимался испытаниями военных самолетов, обучался в Академии руководящего состава бундесвера, служил военным наблюдателем ООН в Ираке. Люблю дайвинг и горные лыжи. Очень хочу, чтобы наш мир стал добрее и лучше. Поэтому и пишу.

I graduated from a high military school of the Russian Air Force. Worked as a test engineer for many years. Studied at the General Staff academy of the German Armed Forces. As a UN military observer witnessed the situation in Iraq. I’m fond of diving and mountain skiing and really want our world to became a better and safer place.

Отрывок из повести «White Watch»

My dear friends,


What is this short story about? A very easy question that is very difficult to answer. About what an enigma a woman can be. Almost every woman. About right and wrong decisions, about love and care. About things we take for granted and realize how important they are when we don’t have them anymore. About life.

If you are still reading these lines, you must be inquisitive. And that’s good, because the inquisitive drive the progress.

What makes a person tick? Why things happen in a strange way? Is there life after death? So many questions people want to get answered.  Almost every religion and many great philosophers tried to answer them. They all had their reasons, therefore the answers they gave were different. And they wanted you to believe them. It’s not bad to believe, but belief stops the progress. If you believe, you don’t have to do anything. What for?

Well, I didn’t use to believe. Still don’t. I just know. Because I have been up there. I saw my grandmother, talked to her, even followed her for a while. “How?” I can hear you thinking. How? That’s another both easy and difficult question. I’m not sure I have the right to make it public. As I don’t have a safe recipe for everyone to make this journey with a return ticket, not just a single one. And some may try even they are not ready. Out of curiosity. Or stupidity.

Honestly I don’t want you to believe me. I’d like you to first read this story, to think if it is worth anything at all. Then to look around, see if you have someone to love, to care for. Unconditionally. Not because you are going to profit. Because you can’t live without it. And if your answer is yes, if you think you are ready, let me know. Perhaps I’ll manage to explain how it happened to me. Of course, without any guarantee, that it will work for you as well. And when or if you return and say it IS so, we might start a new religion, without clergy and laity, a religion where the only gods will be love and care, for people around us, for our mankind, our planet. Where no money or fame will be important. Won’t it be wonderful, a new era in the history of mankind?

Are you thinking it is impossible? At all impossible? Well, if you are not very rusty in history, especially in the history of great journeys, you might remember the journey from Venice to China by Marco Polo. How many people at that time thought it was possible? But then some rode along the Silk Road and it slowly became though a dangerous but a real way to get spices and all from China.


Sincerely yours,

Ilya Soykin


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