Юлиана Кошкина

Сценарист, выпускница ВГИК, мастерская Ю.Н.Арабова, двукратная чемпионка России по академической гребле среди юниоров, в студенческие годы проехала большую часть Кавказа автостопом, преподаватель сценарного мастерства, продюсер независимого кино в жанре драма-комедия, мать двоих детей.




The story describes a three-day long journey from one of the former USSR republics to another, taken by two middle-aged women – an accompanist Elena and a variety singer Flora.

A sudden death of Elena Vladimirovna’s husband catches her napping. The news is so much the worse as it is brought by an unfamiliar woman named Flora who drives a lifeless body in a hand-cart right to the place of Elena’s work. Elena made a promise to bury her husband near their son “on the other side” and she and Flora set out their “fake tour” with a deceased in the piano to keep it.

Short, but eventful journey across the border and the whole story irritate Elena Vladimirovna in the beginning, making her think it’s all a big mistake and all she is doing doesn’t correspond with her age and social status. But later when events are developing she changes her point of view and changes herself. This first “joint” trip with the spouse, Flora’s stories, her own “confessions” help her learn what he really was and look at him the way she’d never looked before for 25 years together.

This is a humble story on the background of two young countries in the beginning of their independent lives. A central part here is assigned to a concert, which is to be performed properly by Flora and Elena. The day before this very concert the secret reveals – Flora has been the dead man’s mistress for several years – and that’s why she knows him so well and helps his wife. One conflict between a wife and a mistress, another one between a singer and an accompanist and still another one between a “pretty woman” and a “neglected being“ – all these are united in one big confrontation between Flora and Elena Vladimirovna.

Together they bury a man whom they love with different but equally strong love. Two lonely women, who have suffered a lot in their own ways, finally find not only themselves but also dear friends – in each other. They still have to transport a Muslim girl and her dead father across the border but it doesn’t fear them anymore. In this life we have to meet strange things from time to time, and to meet good people.

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