Шабалдас Элина

Родилась в Казахстане, работаю учителем. Переводы для меня — хобби. Занимаюсь этим время от времени, для души. Также люблю изучать новые языки и рисовать.

I was born in Kazakhstan; I work as a teacher. Translating is a hobby for me. I translate when I have free time. I also like learning new languages, drawing and painting.

Перевод «Зонтик, который хотел летать.»


The Umbrella was lying on the grass and looking at the sky where the white clouds were dancing and only gentle wind was moving him from side to side. “Ah, summer!” he thought. “Nobody needs me in summer. The sun shines and the clouds cover it so that it doesn’t shine so bright. My time will come only when the autumn returns. But now I’m craving to get up in the air, feel the moment of flying, when the wind blows and makes me go higher and higher.” Suddenly, there was some noise from somewhere above. He looked up, saw the birds soaring and felt very gloomy when he realized that he couldn’t glide like them. Oh, if only he could fly, it would be so great! He could fly with the birds to the place where the sun sets, aspire to the vast expanse of the sky. They say, it’s so beautiful up there. But at that moment he was lying on the ground. So sad!“If only it started to drizzle; maybe someone would need me then. And maybe that person would raise me up for 2 meters’ height. It would be enough for me,”the Umbrella thought.And then somebody touched him. He was puzzled and a little scared, as he was afraid of dogs. They could tear him and then nobody would like to take him. Heshrankandwassilent. “Hey, are you OK?” a child’s voice was heard. “Iamafraidofyou,” hesaid. “Youshouldn’t be,” thegirlansweredmerrily. “Iwon’tbiteyou.” “What will you do?” he asked not having heard the last phrase.“Isaid, Iwouldplaywithyou! Let’splay!” “Buthow?” theUmbrellaasked. Thegirlmused. Shehadneverplayedwithtalkingumbrellas. Andshedidn’tknowhowtoplaywiththemeither. Shewentaroundhim. “Ihavenoidea. Youaresobig. I guess, it would be difficult for me to play with you.” TheUmbrellalookedupather. “SillyUmbrella! I won’t leave you. You are almost crying, I can’t leave you.” She took the Umbrella and went to the river with him. She plunged him several times in the water, opened and put him near her to get dried. “Youaresodirty! Ican’tplaywithyounow. I will become dirty, too and my mother will scold me”. Thesuncameout; it dried the Umbrella in a flash. Then he looked like a new one! There was a sound in the sky again. This time, it was the plane. He looked surprised at something going so fast through the air. “It’saplane,” thegirlsaid. “Theplanesareheavyandtheycanfly”. “Ah, I want to fly, too,” the Umbrella sighed.Thegirllookedathimpondering. “Why do you want to fly?” she asked. “Don’t you get it? It’s so wonderful to fly: you get higher and higher, you fly to the faraway countries, you see new cities. And I feel so good when I think about it.”“Youareadreamer, aren’t you?” thegirlsmiled.“I know how to help you. My grandfather and I played with a kite; he said it would be better to do it at that big mountain.” Actually, it wasn’t the big mountain she imagined, it was a little mountain, a hill, to be more precise. She grabbed the Umbrella and rushed to the “big mountain”. The strong wind was blowing there. It was going to tangle her hair and tried to take the Umbrella away all the time. “Here, look!” The view was amazing. A little town was at their feet and farther there was the sea with the waves touching the beach and the ships sailing far away. The Umbrella had never seen anything like this. “It’s so nice!” he said. “I’ve never come here.” “That’s because nobody will come here with you if it rains,” the girl explained. “Oh, look! There is a dandelion!” she shouted and took it in her hands. “You need to make a wish,” she said and whispered something. The Umbrella looked at her puzzled. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I am helping you!” she laughed and blew off the little feathers that started to glide. Suddenly, the wind blew; the girl ceased the Umbrella and ran with him down the mountain. “Dear Umbrella, will you come back if you fly away?” The Umbrella didn’t understand anything as he was danglingin the girl’s hands. The girl ran quickly and then abruptly let him go. And the Umbrella felt nobody was holdinghim; he looked down and saw the girl becoming smaller. Hecameupwiththeexcitingfeeling. “I’mflying!” hekeptrepeating. Flying! “Umbrella, will we play again, when you return?” she shouted to him. “Sure! ButIwanttoseemydreamfirst. Thank you. I will return and tell you about the places where I have been.”He turned around the girl and then he was taken higher by the gust of wind. “Have a good journey!” she said, the wind became stronger and the Umbrella could hardly be seen then. The girl was standing at the hill and she was waving to the Umbrella on his way to the DREAM. She smiled happily and cried a little, as she stayed alone. In an instant, something fluffy touched her leg. The girl turned back and saw a kitten. “Fluffy, you’ve found me!” she said. Thekittensaid “Meow!” “And Grandpaisalsohere!”Shenoticed. “I’ve missedyou.”Grandpa smiled and suggested “Let’s go home! Your mother is waiting.”

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