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Родилась и прожила большую часть жизни в Москве. Являюсь членом Международного Союза Писателей и Журналистов APIЯ. Автор книги «Повседневная жизнь викторианской Англии» издательство Молодая Гвардия. Финалист Open Central Asia Forum and Literature Festival 2015 London United Kingdom. Победитель третьего международного конкурса «Сказка сегодня». В 2014 году я основала экспериментальную театральную труппу ”Goodge Street”. Являюсь ее руководителем и продюсером. В 2017 году моя пьеса «Предсказание» была показана на фестивале «Звезды Альбиона» нашей театральной труппой, где мы заняли 2-е место.


Short sinopsis of play “ Reconciliation”


A “Communal” flat is like a miniature version of the Soviet Union, being home to a number of very different people. Among them there are two former noblewomen: one of whom is the sister of an officer in the white army, and the other is the widow of a Red Commissar.  They haven’t talked to each other in years, since their loved ones were on the opposite sides of the class conflict.  However, a tragedy that happens to one of them forces them to forget their former grudges, and brings them closer together.

This play is both funny and tragic.  It introduces the audience to the Soviet times of the 1970’s as well as the events of the Revolution.  It shows the problems that occur due to changes in the social consciousness at that time, and does so in contemporary language that is comprehensible to children, adults and foreigners.

We all can have different opinions on the revolution, but one cannot deny that the events of 1917 didn’t only contribute to the fall of Russian Empire, but changed the world.


Scene 1



[Door bell rings. Katerina Ignatievna enters, opens the door and invites in a man who silently and stealthily goes into her room.  She locks the door behind him and goes into the kitchen.  From the opposite side Kaleria approaches her.  The moment they see each other they pretend to have forgotten something and leave in opposite directions without greeting each other.  Muska makes her way into the kitchen. She is wearing a bathrobe and is looking dishevelled.  She approaches the tables, looks into the pots and makes faces.  Then she puts rubbish from the dustpan into one of them and leaves looking happy.  Fatima and Rustam Rashidov walk along the corridor, sending their children off to school, and getting ready to go to work themselves.]

Rustam                        Come along.  My lunch break’s nearly over.  I’m waiting for you lot!

Fatima                          We’re coming.  They’re tired of the afternoon shift at school.  When will they give them the morning shift? [She checks the childrens’ attire and looks into their bags.] I forgot their change of shoes.

Rustam                        I knew it.

Fatima                          Found them.  Let’s go.

[Kaleria Ivanovna enters the kitchen and starts cutting bread. Katerina comes in as well. T hey pretend not to notice each other.  Katerina takes a kettle and heads out.  Galina Makarovna sees this; both women greet her, and leave toward their separate rooms.  Bettya Aronovna enters]

Galina                          Did you see that?  It’s always like that.  Have you ever seen them greet each other,  not to mention actually having a conversation?

Bettya                           No. They run away from each other as if the other is cursed.  Lord forgive me, even through “they” say you don’t exist.

Galina                          I heard Kaleria [nodding toward the direction in which Kaleria left] say that they were related or something, and that they used to live in the same house.

Bettya                           I head that, too.  The house was bombed in the war, and they lost touch, haven’t seen each other for years and then met again here.

Galina                          Katerina Ignatyevna [waving toward the direction in which Katerina left] was here first, and Kaleria moved in later.

Bettya                          Do you remember the first time they met right here, in the kitchen?

Galina                          They stood stone still!  Just looking at each other, and both green in the face.  Afterwards, Kaleria had to be given valerian, and Katerina didn’t say a word and just walked away.

Bettya                          She’s so aloof! Never talks to anyone.  What kind of person acts like that?  We’ve been living with her for so many years and yet we know nothing about her!

Scene 2

Recollection 1.  Christmas 1913.  Kaleria and her parents were invited to visit her classmate, Katya.  Unlike Katya, Kaleria’s family were poor gentry.  However, both their fathers had once studied at the 1st Cadet College of Empress Elisabeth II, and it’s the same place where Aleksey, brother to Katerina and Lena, studied.  He himself was a thin, timid young man, who, upon seeing Kaleria, could not gather enough bravery to approach her and help her out of her coat.  “What is it with you, Aleksey?  It’s rude to make a young lady wait”, said Katya’s mother and went into the room, inviting Kaleria’s parents to join her there.  Aleksey awkwardly approached the young woman.  He was wearing his uniform coat.  Despite it being worn every day, it still looked awkward on him.  He liked Kalya at the first moment.  One could see it in his unsure movements, and shy glances.  That whole evening she felt him watching her.  His glances were a mixture of curiosity, awe, and bashfulness]

Aleksey                       And now let’s organise a seance.

Katya                           [clapping delightedly] Such a wonderful idea!

Lena                            Yes, let’s do that.  Bring the table, Aleksey.

[Aleksey looks at Kaleria.  Alexsey and two of his friends bring the table and chairs from behind the stage.  It’s a seance table, with letters and numbers already written on it in a circle.  He exchanges glances with Katya and Lena, and laughs.  Everyone sits around the table.  Aleksey sits next to Kaleria, almost tearing the chair from his friend’s hands.  The lights dim and a candle is put on the table. Everyone joins hands.]

Katya                           Let’s call the spirit of Griboyedov!

Lena                            Who else?  Everyone knows that you idolise that Chatsky who spoke against the hypocrisy of high society.

Everyone                    Let’s do that.

Katya                           Appear before us, Alexander Sergeevich.

[A door bangs somewhere, and a light breeze snuffs out the candle.  Three knocks are heard in the dark, which scares everyone.  Awkward laughter.  Katya rings a bell.  A servant comes in and lights the candles.]

Katya                           Alexander Sergeevich, are you here?

[Three knocks are heard again.]

Aleksey’s 1st Friend  Let’s ask him how long we are going to live.

Aleksey’s 2nd Friend What, he would answer all of us individually? I think not.  We should ask something else.

Aleksey’s 1st Friend  Will I become a general?

Lena                            Whom will I marry? [Immediately, as if trying to justify herself in front of her sister] What?  You’d like to know that for yourself too.

Katya                           [in a trembling voice] Forgive us, Alexander Sergeevich.

Aleksey’s 2nd Friend Will I graduate with a gold medal?

Aleksey                       Will I become a renowned military architect?

Kaleria                         Will I go with Mama and Papa to Paris this year?

Katya                           So many questions!  Maybe Griboyedov wants to tell us something else.  Aleksander Sergeevich, would you like to tell us anything?

[Three knocks.]

Katya                           Do you hear?  We should put our hands on the pointer.

[She grabs the pointer.  Everyone else puts their hands on top. Aleksey puts his hand on top of Kaleria’s.  Their hands are moving from letter to letter]

Katya                           “Will drive you from your house”. Some sort of nonsense [Exchanges glances with Lena and Aleksey.  She lets out a forced giggle and turns to her siblings]  Is this about us? Who is going to be driven out? From where? Are we going to be kicked out of our home?

Lena                            It implied that someone will drive us. It must be person.

Katya                           [her voice trembles] Excuse us, Alexander Sergeevich, but we didn’t understand.  Could you explain in more detail?  Is this person here?

[Everyone puts their hands on the pointer. The pointer moves around.]

Katya                           “Here”.  At this table? [They can barely keep pace with the pointer.]  Yes”. [with a strained laugher]: Confess, which one of you is planning to drive us out?

[Guests looks away in embarrassment. An awkward pause.]

Aleksey                       [attempting to lighten the atmosphere] This seance should be called “Griboyedov’s jest”.

Katya                           Stop it. This is about you as well.

Aleksey                       Dear sisters, don’t be frightened.  Do you remember the sabre that Father Christmas gave me?  I will protect you against anyone who dares to drive us from our house.

Katya                           [shouting to the servants] Turn the lights on.  I don’t feel like looking into the future anymore.

Scene 3

[Recollection 2]

[Kaleria is wearing a coat, Aleksey is running after her.]

Aleksey                       Are you leaving already?

Kaleria                         Yes, Mother asked me to make haste, and Father doesn’t like to stay out late.  Thank you.  Everything was wonderful.

Aleksey                       [interrupting] Is this because of the seance?  Everyone’s been in a foul mood since then.  Why on Earth did I suggest it?

Kaleria                         Not at all!  It was interesting and… dramatic!

Aleksey                       I was hoping… Would you come with me to the pictures?

Kaleria                         I don’t know.  I shall have to ask Mama first.  Mama?!

Aleksey                       I was hoping you would come along.  This Saturday.

Kaleria                         Alright.

Aleksey                       [happily] Then I’ll wait for you near the Art Picture Theatre, on Arbat, at 2 in the afternoon.  What would you like to see?  There is “Ghost of Happiness”, “The ruins of Ancient Egypt” and “Atoning Angel”.

Kaleria                         The first one, I think, about the ghost.


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