Стелла Климова

Пишу стихи с 7 лет. Учусь на факультете иностранных языков. Занимаюсь в театральной студии, учусь играть на гитаре. Люблю кино, природу, путешествия.

I’ve been writing poems since I was 7 years old. Now I’m studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I attend the theater club, study to play the guitar. I like cinema, nature, traveling.

«Night is so lonely»

night is so lonely
and I’m even more
what will you do
when I let you it know?

darkness is kinder
than people are here
your love is wider
and I can it feel

my world is deeper
than oceans may be
problems are fewer
you just must believe

we are together
and it’ll always be
now and forever
we are: you and me


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