Станислав Коленский

Меня зовут Станислав, по образованию я — айтишник, люблю собирать и монтировать разные технические сооружения, но также очень люблю читать. Иногда я ловлю вдохновение, чтобы написать что-либо сам — один из рассказов я выставляю на ваш суд.

Everyone is needed

He started to search for his grandmother’s name and yes – there she was.

Number 15.

If he got it right, the government was going to make it once in a month. It would be better – the younger generation would get used to it. Only the computer-oriented ones would be left. Selection. Great progress and perfect life. No more old laptops with browsers. Candy and pizzas from the food-making machine…

Jackson read nervously. If he was right, he would only have a little bit more than a year to save his Granny for this horrible selection… and also save number 16, 17 and others if only he could. He would like to save all if that was possible at all.

He closed the program, changed his electronic address again and switched the computer off.

He could barely sleep that night.


Next day he ran to his Grandma right after school and told her all he could find.

He clearly saw how her face became dark. He felt she was not afraid – there was no actual fear. But there was a very unpleasant feeling that he failed to describe.

“I cannot say it was predictable”, said the elderly woman, “but at the same time I cannot say I am really astonished. We cannot keep up. We present no real value to this society. Too bad we cannot share our knowledge anymore. We could be useful, if not only those computers. Still I think that if the country forgets its roots and its past, it can lose a lot, but there are really smart people in the government, and they think different, as we see. I promise I will spend as much time with you as possible before they send me to reservation or leave me alone somewhere or whatever they are going to do to us”.

Here Jackson cried and hugged his Grandma.

“I will do something!” he cried. “I will! I will never let you go!”

The Granny smiled but Jackson could see she was upset, nervous, lost. Lost she was. He could finally describe it. He hated to feel that somebody could be lost in the world, full of people and tracking devices.

He left and went along the streets which were full of people. Jackson was really sociable and knew a lot of people; he also took part in many conferences and awards and therefore was quite famous among the scientific society. Many people saw him and greeted him. Usually he was really proud of himself and was glad to stop and have a talk with somebody but not now. He really hated the flying vehicles, the food-making machines and the smell they produced, he hated to hear the music made by the electronic pianos and tables, and it made him sick. He started to run, and his thoughts mixed up in his head. What should he do? Where could he find some peace and quiet to be able to fix up this mess?

The forest!


The forest was a valuable treasure for the city. Although the scientists were working at the project of the artificial air, the forest was needed. It was located at the back of the city, and almost no-one visited it – the people were content with the shiny streets, music, communication and work. They did not need to be lonely and quiet anymore.

Now it was great to be seen by nobody.

Jackson entered the forest. The trees were tall and dark and green, they whispered and breathed and lived their own tree lives. The birds were singing and it was better than the music he had been hearing from his early childhood. The paths were covered with grass and he went along one of them, breathing, listening and finally finding peace and quiet and the ability to gather up his thoughts.

He was one of the most promising young men in the country. He was an authority already. He would propose something and the people would at least pay attention to it. He was great at computers and stuff and when he broke the leg when he was ten, he thought how great it would be to be able to make electronic legs. They actually existed, but they were still not so great and natural as he would like them to be. He contemplated the ability to enter into the person’s brain and install the natural components that would help understand and learn better, improve the memory, sight and so on.

He even entered one of the conferences with this raw project. The scientific minds were enthralled and captivated. He was promised to receive the money for that project if he only gathered a team and довел проект до логического завершения. And if this plan was successful, he would actually be invited to the Government itself. Yes. He would be!

Jackson had never felt like this before. He felt like the king of the world. He could really help people, he could save the ones that became a bit too old for this world. He could also get the valuable experience and memories from their minds, if he was only successful… but he needed to work, and that work would be hard. But he was ready. He would do that!

He raised his head and suddenly saw a little tree house sitting right on a very nice tree, not so high above the ground. Jackson spent some time to reach it, but he did it – and it was the first small victory on his way.

Sitting there, he suddenly understood that his mother and father would definitely become old. Just the same would happen to the relatives of his friends and then they would become old too, although they were still just teenagers now. And who knew which heights would the mankind reach to that time and how far would they be from the progress then?…

This thought struck him like a lightning, and he needed some time to get it, to understand it, to let it settled down in his head. And when it finally did, he got up and he knew perfectly well that his project was the only way to show the world that everybody was needed there.


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