Сергей Рок

Живу в Краснодаре. Автор нескольких опубликованных книг в жанре контркультуры, из них наиболее известны романы «Разговор с джинсами» и «Панкомат». Также публикуюсь в области прикладной литературы. Основное занятие — разработка сайтов и программ для криптовалюты.

Современная проза «In Zuy»


This story tells about the life of the welder Valera, who lives in a village called Zuy. Valera is a self-employed person. All his activities are limited to performing certain jobs and getting money. The main narrative of the story is meditation and narration. Valera remembers how life has changed in Zuy in recent years. Earlier, people were simpler, breeding poultry and pigs and doing home-made alcohol drinks. On the street one could meet street criminal bosses, whose main occupation was stealing poultry and sacks from the collective farm. Over time, all these so-called authorities lost weight. Most of them died out like dinosaurs. Everything is different today in Zuy. The TV teaches people to be patriots.

One or two times a month, an airborne training alarm is conducted. Valera’s brother, Vitaly, works as a teacher. He claims that America will perish from day to day. Years go by, but America is still afloat. Prices continue to grow. Vitaly composes of theories about the world conspiracy, arguing that people in Zuy live better than in perishing America.

Valera is a great specialist in the manufacture of home-made alcohol drinks.

His neighbor, Lena, for many years worked as a prostitute. Finally, she became a psychic and a folk healer. In her youth she danced on a pole. Now she became a dance teacher in the municipal center.

The passage

One day, I went to the municipal square and saw a crowd of dancing children. Lena was in front of them. She looked like Michael Jackson. Preparations were underway for some Great National Holiday. Lena waved her hands.

“Hands to the right!”

“Hands to the left!”

“Feet aside!”

“Stand in a circle!”

“Quickly! Dance, Russia! Who is our best dancer! Dance better! Putin looks at us!”

I was shocked. In the shop I met Alexander.

“Did you look that?” I said.

“Yes. It’s Lena. How she’s got there? Now they pay well in House of Culture. Who took her there?”

“She is a crook. They would never take an honest person. The director of House of Culture is a crook herself. They found each other. I would not be surprised if Lena soon joined the party «United Russia» and became chairman there.”

“Did you made vodka?”

“Yes. It is very hard. Heavy Metal.”


“Come to me on Saturday. Let’s wet our whistle.”

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