Я занимаюсь творчеством уже более 10 лет. Но принимать участие в конкурсах стало недавно. Помимо писания рассказов и стихотворений я очень люблю рисовать.Все. что моя душа и сердце просит я выполняю. я все свои чувства всегда передаю с помощью слов или красок на бумагу. и мое желание- это стать известной писательницей и художницей, чтобы передать все свои чувства и переживания и научить всех тому, чего я постигла за довольно свой малый возраст.

The guardian angel»

Earlier we were lonely in the Universe. We had nobody who could help us and could protect. Everyone as could survived. As it was gloomy as everything was gray around: concrete houses, asphalt roads. Iron mechanisms flew  in dark the sky. Domestic boys often went to a scrap metal dump. Why they went there?! I don’t know. And everything that people did, each movement, each sigh and an exhalation, it called the program. And why they were so called? Because they had no feelings, there were no emotions, there was no imagination. There was nothing live, light, pure … But at the same time they considered themselves tsars of minds and knowledge. It proceeded long time. How many since then centuries has passed I I don’t remember any more. But was, he hasn’t appeared yet is a lord of mountains and the sky. But who is he? They say, he has appeared when has flared the sky scarlet paints when on the sky scarlet blood when the sun has flashed fire has spread.

We, people, can’t see what is created in the depth of the red sky. We see only bottom edge him: as though heavy rain of scarlet beams makes the way in tears between the curling clouds. Clouds at us always bright. But after all what God’s Creation which has changed our idea of the world is? People have nicknamed him Oryol — the tsar of mountains and the sky. As his regal flight as his scope of mighty wings is surprising is fine! His wings — as beautiful mountains. His eyes — as the clear sky, and heart — as nature gold.

Considered earlier that he has been sent by God that to protect us and to preserve. And to it there is a great number of eyewitnesses: when eagles were in a special way turned in the sky, creating a funnel from clouds, – here, below, the earth and mountains began to be anxious, warning us about a trouble ….

In my small town it is possible to see these great tsars often. Not for nothing sometimes the city is called the gorge of winds. Every time when the eagle flies by by the gorge, blows wind, seeing off an eagle in a long journey. And if to trust legends of our town, the mountain which is along an extinct volcano is considered the mountain death. But there it is often possible to see eagles who turn in air … On local beliefs, everyone who will die, having risen by this mountain, as if he was guilty, will rise through the mountain into the scarlet sky. My town of many visitors stuns. Mountain ways, mountain caves, falls nearby, clear spring water. Old constructions which long ago in which nobody lives any more, but at the same time keeps history of my people. At once it is felt that the city was built not by people: it has turned out dizzy, with the pressing open spaces and mad height difference behind each corner, – entirely calculated on six-meter wingspan. And the eternal-scarlet summer lightning playing on marble cheeks of silent buildings as a young flush.

Eagle in my people symbolizes force and pride of our small edge. But though he and small, but thanks to him, our Tsar, we still remain the strongest and proud people — proud for our edge and the people.

Tsar of heavenly beauty

All firmament tempted

Protecting souls from above

Already, which year …



The sky joy shone

From such here beauty.

The secrets were revealed by him

From unreasonable height.


And the precept in her concluded

Eternal joy to shine,

That it was cozy with all of them,

Pure in heart to help.



And since then all people of the world,

All have fallen in love with the tsar

Also you have created, Great,

Having embodied the dream.


I remember how earlier my grandmother told me all national legends which that were found. And there can be it there were not legends at all?

Speaking about legends I involuntarily remember an old story which is told and still. It is the Legend of Oryol.

In some kingdom, in some state once upon a time there was a wise and fair king who loved the people and was held in respect, respect and devotion of people around. The governor very much cared for the citizens. And because of it the kingdom prospered every day: people didn’t need anything, lived in beautiful and light houses, put on in bright dresses, joyful smiles didn’t descend from their faces. They were happy and raised happy children. It seemed, even the nature patronizes these people: thunder-storms and storms avoided their lands, the sun was permanently tender and friendly with each person who lived here. The rivers gave to drink to them the fresh clear water, and trees gave a cool in hot days. Aroma of flowers filled air with different smells. Harvests were the rich, and the people — happy.

But once there was what nobody could expect. The sun turned the force against the people. Began to niknut herbs, to fall down leaves from fine trees, the rivers began to shallow, to people it became so bad what they didn’t know where to get to from the scorching heat. All were frightened. And from it they had to hide in caves or to be earthed. In this wonderful kingdom wasn’t any more, either happiness, or smiles, or cheerful songs or laughter of people. And there were only a grief, fear, tears and groans of the asking people asking about that. that the Sun spared them. … The waist to perish crops, animals began to perish, and people — began to wait for inevitable death.


And only the Tsar Oryol saw and knew all truth. Said that at that moment its face was so awful and dazzling that the Sun, having seen his eyes started from a fright. Eagle spread the mighty wings above the ground and protected people, having given to people a long-awaited cool and rescue. In his eyes the anger on the one who did much harm to the people was seen. But it couldn’t protect long them because too I suffered from burning beams of the flaring Sun. And Oryol hung on by the skin of teeth, but the Sun didn’t feel sorry for anybody.

The star thought: why the Tsar began to protect traitors? He couldn’t understand it

The eagle asked: why you destroy what always with me protected and didn’t give in an offense? What for?

And the sun only answered: they betrayed me! They humiliated me!

Nobody betrayed you — the eagle answered!

How? The shaman from the dark told that badly I help these people and they don’t need my help! — by a terrible voice told the Sun

It is a lie! I Long watched from above that life that occurred below, and understood that these people are similar to me. He will never betray anybody and won’t offend. How you could believe the spiteful king and doubt kind thoughts of it the people?. It is impossible to trust it: a kite, seeing prosperity of the kind king and happiness of its people, I envied. Also I decided to destroy this happiness by all means.

The Sun has thought: why I, having listened to one shaman, have doubted these people, their true thoughts? Why? Why I have forgotten how people were grateful to me for my work how they glorified me and composed about me songs?

Having considered everything, it became a shame to the Star that because of someone’s envy and rage I have nearly made a terrible mistake.

The sun has restrained anger and has replaced him with favor and became former – tender, kind and generous.

Also it is new the world, happiness and joy and rest on the earth has set in. And all it — thanks to Oryol which was ready to give own life for rescue of people.

Now around freshness and a cool, and Oryol together with the brothers highly soar in the sky and look whether the forest foe disturbs rest of civilians, whether he builds a dirty trick against the kind king.

Presently often build the monuments in honor of an eagle piercing into the heated sky. Under the influence of wind monuments as if fly up into the sky as if you want to help the descendants eagles. Also help. They could continue and keep a dynasty of stately tsars. Could impart all knowledge and to us which knew. At night when all sleep, the moon watches rooms ours. And if there is a trouble, she will call the elder brothers — our tsars. Heatedly will flicker the sky over us, being poured by silver and scarlet paints. Also we will be opened a circle for ever, and he will knead twilight waters, the mountain silhouette will be. He will be — an eagle fine and he will protect us from troubles.

Though it and the fairy tale, but I trust in miracles because they fill us, our souls clear, belief we are given. And I know: somewhere right now the eagle flies by and watches our rest. Who trusts in strength of the Tsar eagle receive blessing in all affairs. Comprehending an essence of life and its thread of destiny, stretched to us from the past and the future — in the present, the person lives purer and spiritual life:

The house was built by me Spiritual.

Also I have paved the way to paradise

The supreme tsar has helped certainly.

And joy in life overflows.


If in it true happiness?

How many in the world flows bitter tears?!

I trust in this happiness,

I speak to you sincerely, seriously.


Difficultly to believe sceptics will be

But you believe: it is necessary to trust in a miracle,

It is necessary to think purely, highly,

Then everything will be good …


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