Ольга Пантелеева

Меня вдохновляют небо и звезды. В повседневной жизни я обожаю прогулки, детективы и сырное мороженое с кофе. Как и все люди, я постоянно меняюсь.

детская сказка «Bribbles and Kribbles»


Out there, miles and miles into the very depths of space, just beside an iridescent nebulous cloud, lies a tiny planet hosting furry creatures with big round bellies. They are called kribbles and bribbles.
Since the dawn of time, only kribbles inhabited the violet-colored vegetation of the planet. Yet, a sudden eruption caused bribbles — a folk who lived in the desert at the foot of a giant volcano — to migrate all the way into the violet growths. It seemed there would be enough room for everyone, but kribbles, quite surprisingly, refused to share the land with bribbles.
“The answer is no! We don’t have room for you”, said Ero the chief kribble.
“Why not? The bushes run vast and large, they will afford amply for all of us”, wondered Oro the bribble.
“All squeezed in one growth is pretty tight”, Ero observed.
“All tight is all right as long as we don’t fight”, Oro retorted.
“Definitely not! You will infest our bushes with your desert culture. We don’t need it here!” the kribble snapped and turned away to leave without another word. The chief bribble stood thinking of what he was going to do. His tribe depended on him. They needed a place to live, they couldn’t go back to the dangerous volcano. While no one could see him, he sat on the grass and burst into tears.
Meanwhile, Ero returned to his friends.
“They will definitely try to invade our bushes and settle down here”, he reported to the great council.
“What makes you think so?” asked the council members.
“This is precisely what we would do, should we ever find ourselves in a situation like this”, said Ero.
“And you suggest?”
“I suggest building a strong wall around the violet vegetation. The wall will protect us from bribbles invasion.”
It’s worth noting that neither kribbles nor bribbles, throughout their history, ever built a single construction. Their home planet blessed them with clever plants that intertwined into shapes that their carers visualized for them. Thus, construction was a matter of minutes for both kribbles and bribbles.
Having decided that wall construction was the most reasonable option, the kribbles council quickly erected the structure, so that bribbles found themselves cut off from the violet growths.
“They’ve separated from us with a wall”, Oro reported to his council.
“And what are we going to do? What are we supposed to use for house construction here?” demanded the council members. Back in the desert, they would build houses using palm trees that encircled the few water oases scattered throughout the terrain. But outside the violet growth there were no palms, no trees, not even moss. Only mountains stretched for miles and miles — the very mountains that shielded the violet growths from the volcanic lava.
“We shall go into the mountains”, said Oro. “We’ll find shelter at the waterfall”.
“But there’s not a single plant over there!” The council was surprised. “What are we going to use for food and construction?”

“We’ll think of something. Anyway, we can’t stay here till nightfall: wind will rise and we’ll freeze”.

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