Ольга Белова

О себе: живу, пишу ,творю.
Обо мне:
Белова Ольга – поэтесса и драматург.

Пьеса «Прыгоды Заранкі і Янкі», написанная Беловой О.Ю., поставлена Национальным Академическим драматическим театром им. Янки Купалы в 2008 году.

В 2015 году издана первая книга Ольги Беловой «Счастье» – сборник стихов и пьес на русском и белорусском языках, в 2016 году – выход второй книги поэзии «29».

С 2016 года – член Союза писателей Беларуси.
Лауреат международных конкурсов поэзии. Победитель Всероссийского конкурса «Лапа Азора-2016» (в рамках X фестиваля литературного и художественного авангарда «Лапа Азора» г. Москва).

Публикации в газетах и журналах: «Дети Ра» (г. Москва), «Неман» (г. Минск), «Літаратура і мастацтва» (г. Минск), «Вестник Могилева», «Могилевские ведомости», а также в коллективных сборниках.

Olga Belova is a poetess and a playwright. Was graduated from Belarus State University of Culture and Arts by speciality “Literary Work”. Works as a teacher of theater.

The play “Prygody Zaranky I Yanki” by Olga Belova was staged in National Academic Drama Theater by Yanka Kupala in 2008.

In 2015 the first book “Happiness” by O. Belova was published. It’s collection of poems and plays in Russian and Belorussian. In 2016 was published the second book of poetry “29”.

From 2016 O. Belova is a Member of the Union of Writers of Belarus.
She is the winner of All-Russian competition “Lapa Azora-2016” (Moscow).

Has a lot of publications in newspapers and magazines, and also in collective collections.



It’s dark and deserted in the park. Peter went adjustable by the wind. His cloak tangled his legs. It seemed as the cloak resisted master’s decision to go ahead.

Suddenly the mobile vibrated in the cloak’s pocket. The screen shined through thin tissue. Peter wanted to take the telephone, but breeze made him raise the collar of the cloak.

The mobile calmed down. The man went ahead. Breeze teared off leaves from trees.



Through the branches of the native tree Forest nut fell down on park’s bench. He rolled of the strange subject, which people call “mobile phone”. Suddenly the mobile vibrated, the screen shined – new SMS came.


Mobile. Hi! It’s me!

Forest nut. Hello. Do you read my mind?

Mobile. Come up with stuff like this! What is going on in your head?

Forest nut. Pardon me, but do not quite understand you! I am only a couple days old. I just found out what is a breeze.

Mobile. Answer me, what garbage is in your head….



      Peter, Olya


Olya is watching TV. Arthur’s voice. Later in the show: exclusive offers from russian designers — toys «Piglet with horns» and «Deer in overrolls»; how much is the horse tooth costs, and are there any buyers for Maria Prohorova’s cellulitis? Do not change the channel.

Peter comes in. He takes off  his clock and boots, looks into child’s room. His son sleeps. Peter closes the door, comes into the room and kisses Olya on the cheek. Moving away from Peter Olya mutes the tv.


Olya. You got a notice from the clinic again. You’d better go!

Peter.  I will! I spoke with Arhur.

Olya. What did he say?

Peter.  We need to surprise the world. To show them my bare ass. And

yours. If you do, he will pay.

Olya. What are you talking about?

Peter.  Your brother is a rich bustard!

Olya. And you are a poor one! There is not even a piece of bread in the house…

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