Небесная Высь


Увлекаюсь творчеством в течение 10 лет. В свободное от работы время пишу стихи, рассказы. Интересуюсь историей России, психологией.

Короткий рассказ

  I am toy. I saw two World wars, civil war. Many generations of a family played with me. Technology improves, develops, but people don’t change.
Once I was brought in Soviet Museum, which is located in Kazan. So I became one of exhibits. To tell be truth I have never seen creatures more clever, more sensitive than them! Every exhibit has a unique fortune. There are old perfumes, old toys. There is particular atmosphere.
Sometimes I observe for people, who come here. And I conceive that my friends are cleverer than people! For example, one time a father came with his daughter. Her eyes were blue transparent  as sky, as river. I had to rest on bank of the river one time. If I were person, I would get married to her. She was near 16 or 17 years old. She was looking at toys, pupil’s mark books having made in Soviet time. The father was looking at wristwatch. He was in a hurry.
I wish I had said:
-Stop! Paid no attention wristwatch! This place is nice! Look around! Value your present!
But I can’t say it! According to rules I can not talk to people. But, believe me, I understand many things. But I am only toy.
He took hand of her daughter and said:
-We should go to the office!!!!!
The girl glanced at us sadly and went out with him. Thought any time girl will be as your father. Her eyes will be not clear as now.
Technology improves, develops, but people don’t change. They hurry, can not relish life. People of different time, whom I saw, can’t understand elevation of present. Loosing moment NOW, people loose  their life. Respect past time, but don’t live in it. You are responsible for your choice. I mean to live in present or no. Remember that NOW is true life!

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