Надежда Кузьменко

Пишу с детства, в декабре 2016 вышел сборник стихов на русском языке.

I love reading, writing poems and novelettes. I`ve been writing since my early childhood.

«Sorry, Man»

I’m sorry, man, I’m your wrong address.
Don’t get to me even more or less.
You won’t get strength while you`re getting drunk:
with every word, I will freeze your tongue.

I’m sorry, man, I’m another side.
Make sure that choosing me is not right.
I’m sorry, man. Ride another road.
Don’t get to me even less or more.

Let’s see the others and have a nice trip.
They are on surface – I’m rather deep.
I’ll hurt your soul, leave a terrible scar.
Upon the sky,
I’m a fallen star.

I’m sorry, man: choose another woman.
A monument never makes a real movement.
Buy any doll for a new fairytale…
I’m sorry, man.
I am not for sale.


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