Курт Равидас

Малоизвестный сетевой писатель. Пишу около 5 лет. Имеется пара-тройка публикаций. Вот и все, пожалуй.

Рассказ «Plenilune»


A runaway dreamer tries to evade justice in the country when dreaming is prohibited, but dreamhunters catch up with him.


A sleep and a dream are similar to each other as gold and bald, as brilliants and brilliantine. A law-abiding citizen, throwing himself from time to time into the physiological state of rest and relaxation, relaxes and rests instead of creating by the devil’s instigation his own reality, thus challenging the sole Creator…

For my whole life I had to hide in the dark so the shade of similarity could obscure my unlikeliness. In sleepless world, the dreams are as horrific as a butcher shop in a vegetarian country, but sometimes even a capital letter, concealed amongst all these others, fancies himself an invisible one just because it is printed in black.


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