Ирина Фурсова

Живу и работаю в Санкт-Петербурге. Пишу для детей и не только. На конкурс представляю один из рассказов из жизни семьи зайчиков по фамилии Капустиных: папы, мамы, сына Аркаши, дочки Шурочки и маленького Кеши. По мотивам этих рассказов поставлены кукольные интерактивные спектакли в театре, руководителем которого я являюсь.

«Не ждали (Семейные истории зайцев Капустиных)»


Family stories of hares Kapustini.

Story 3. Unexpected visitor…

She entered or rather burst into her son’s sleepy house. Right behind her rocking chair was carried by sweaty and deadly frightened ferrets.

Grandmother came to visit her beloved son and his family. And the house immediately together with all its inhabitants became her subjects and any hesitation or disagreement was perceived by her as a mortal offence.

When the chair was brought in and ferrets disappeared even faster than father Kapustin had time to pay them grandmother began to inspect the house.

It was impossible to imagine that she would like something or somebody. Every member of the family knew it so that they decided to stick together to survive this invasion with the least loss.

When the inspection was over and everyone was thinking, heads bent, of those unforgivable mistakes they had made, according to her, grandmother kindly asked mother Kapustin to make her tea and sat down in her favorite armchair.

Children, who were almost falling asleep, were ordered to go to bed while mom and dad Kapustin were to listen till midnight about up-to-date methods of upbringing which grandmother had to share with them despite the late hour.

The morning was quiet and calm but ended when grandmother woke up. At the crack of dawn she was always in a good mood and wanted to greet each member of the family personally. However the worse granny’s mood became, the longer the greeting took. The last person who came to say hello was the least lucky because he had to listen to the grandmother’s opinion of all the previous members of the family so it was agreed in advance between them in which order they would face her. Children carried an equal obligation with adults because grandmother made no exception for anybody, even for a little Kesha.

After drinking her morning carrot juice grandmother liked to appear in the most unexpected places, where everybody started to fuss and run back and forth.

She did not speak but she was giving orders as if she was a captain of the ship standing on the bridge, forcing everyone to obey: they had to listen carefully and then execute the command immediately, hadn’t they. If she spotted any delay her voice grew louder and number of her orders increased to one per second…

That’s why the children stayed longer than usual outdoors and after dinner tried to get to their beds as soon as possible not to invite their grandmother’s attention.

An apple of her eye…

However grandmother was not only giving orders. There were those rare hours when she, rocking in her armchair, was telling Arkasha and Shurochka about the times of her youth and her son, their dad. Her favourite stories were those which father Kapustin tried to forget. But grandmother did not care about it and what is more, children could learn a lot of interesting things about the life of their family.

From time to time grandmother locked herself in a room and spent time speaking about something. Everyone used these moments as a rest and didn’t try to find out with whom grandmother was sharing her secrets …

Then one day everyone saw grandmother in a state of great anxiety. Pacing from corner to corner, she was calling for Gusya and then, looking upset, she locked up in her room, which was, to be precise, Shurochka’s room but became grandmother’s for a while.

Shurochka who took after her grandma a lot was as curious as her and needed to take everything under control of her desire. Thus she was the first person who revealed her grandmother’s secret …

And grandmother was complaining. Can you imagine, she complained that her legs hurt, that the cabbage leaf stuck in her throat and no one payed attention to that. She was telling she would die under the bush, like a tramp, because nobody cared about her. Even her favorite Gusya left her …

… and mother Kapustin couldn’t guess who spoilt all the apples, cabbage and burdock leaves in the house. And where cookie crumbs disappeared which she had hidden so carefully from Arkasha.

         A gift…

Shurochka didn’t tell anybody her grandmother’s secret.

She was rustling doing something in the corner of the kitchen all the next day.

And during dinner with everybody present she handed grandmother…… a huge paper flower. She painted (as she could not write yet) her wish to her grandmother on each of its petals.

It was so unexpected that father, mother, Arkasha and even little Kesha stared at her in surprise. But grandmother was surprised most of all.

She was examining each petal carefully while Shurochka was telling her in detail what was painted there and what she wanted to wish her.

All of a sudden a butterfly flew out from under the cupboard. It flew around the whole family several times and sat down on a paper flower.

Gusya as you probably guessed had been a caterpillar that just turned into a beautiful butterfly …


Several weeks passed.

Grandmother left some time ago.

But everyone in the family was looking forward to her arrival and often, really often, recalled that amazing event that had changed them all.



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