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Сказка «The great adventure of Big Booms»


 The heroes of the story live in a strange phantasmagoric world, which in fact is a space of dreams where the little boy could play his strange game being a great dragon Big Booms. In this case, all the other beings are not just characters, but other children who sleep in other places. All together they gather in a world where everything looks both abstract and logical. Big Booms is a real dragon. He collects the bananas that give the Harvest Tree and does not notice anyone because of its size. All this is the Enchanted World. And all his heroes — Flipri, Kuzyoba, Oiki, Oxinol, the Harmful Fly and many others are also children, sleeping and dreaming.


Somewhere in the Enchanted world, not far from the HarvestTree, Big Boomslived. He was called in this manner because of he was taller and bigger than all the other inhabitants of the Enchanted world. Also, he was Booms through his clumsiness and especial ability to break everything around. As soon as he began to do something immediately aroused noise and crackling, and everything around was broken. Going across the forest, he could see everyone scattered being afraid to get under his feet, so that Big Booms was confident that he was the only one great creature in the Enchanted World. It made the dragon feeling himself very alone. Actually, he was very kind and joyful, although being considered as a vicious and awful. Only one look at his sharp teeth, paws with bent long claws and very loud voice cost a lot. However, there was nothing wrong because Big Booms was a dragon.

For the time being no one including himself knew nothing of his cheerful character. Due to his great height he didn’t notice masses of beings around, so that he’s never played funny games with them. Not far from The Speaking Lake lived Imedin. Industrious Imedin created his strange name himself, he liked it much.Compared to Booms, he was rather small. Imedin was slender, his body was covered with brown fur.

His strong legs were attached to the body as well as his dexterous hands.That hands were always in work. They were stocking up the Stock. Being required by his neighbors about his numerous belongings, Imedin shrugged in response. If something might have happened, everything would be right thanks to his Stock! It could help to go through the Dark Ages. True, Imedin knew nothing of it but felt as if he was aware of it.

He didn’t make friends with the rest inhabitants of the Enchanted World but never quarreled with them. Imedin didn’t need friends because he lived on the shore of the Talking Lake! When Imedin approached the water, the Lake was showing him funny pictures and telling droll stories. The fluffy animal made a high fence around the lake, made a gate and hung a big lock upon it. He did not allow anyone to go close to the water just for nothing. To talk to the Lake one needed to cast a Heavenly Glitter to the water.A grief could have happened if not doing that but he didn’t know what the grief it was. Imedin has never been curious, he was content with the fact that there wereThe Rules. Also, he knew that Invisible Artist was living on the bottom of the Lake, the one who raised up to the sky to festoon it with Heavenly Glitters.

Heavenly Glitters were going down through the sky when Invisible Artist changed the picture. Every morning the inhabitants of the Enchanted World set out for the search, and then went to Imedin to talk to the Lake. Imedin checked whether the visitor had a Glitter and only after that opened the lock with a large key. When the Glitters were throwing into the water, the Lake rejoiced and told funny stories.

Imedin was afraid that the Heavenly Glitters could end, so he made another Stock. Every morning he zealously searched for the shiny pieces of sky in the grass, finding much more than all the others. Imedin made a deep hole in the ground, covered it with petals of flowers and put his finds there. Imedin covered the little pit with leaves, so that no one could guess what lay there.

A lot of sparkles brought Kuzyoba. She knew how to fly, because it was good to see from above. Having found the next piece of the sky, Kuzyoba put it in a pocket on her tummy. The pocket was fastened with a button, which often came off. Kuzyoba was very neat, she washed and brushed every day. But sometimes she was forgetting to sew it down in time. Kuzyoba had wings, but she only fluttered from branch to branch, rarely rising above the trees. Most of all in the world Kuzyoba liked to look to the water of the Speaking Lake and admire her own reflection. Kuzyoba made friends only with the Harmful Fly. Girlfriends constantly swore, quarreled, and even sometimes fought, but after that reconciled and enjoyed playing together. They had strange games. They threw garbage into the water of the Singing River, which made River Monkeys greatly upset. Also mischief-makersliked to wake up Sleepies during their recreation hours making them jumping and yelling, exploding and preventing the others from sleeping. Inhabitants of the Enchanted World could do nothing with nasty girlfriends. Being asked not to do that they only laughed. It seemed impossible to catch them as no one could fly in the Enchanted World. Both Kuzyoba and the Harmful Fly were very fond of teasing Sleepies. Sleepies, they are like pumpkins with six thin tails and triangular eyes on the vertex. The inhabitants of the Enchanted World could not decide for a long time whether the Sleepies were plants or not. Maybesomesortofanimals? Werethey able to do something useful and interesting? True, Sleepies weren’t interested in anything, they loved to render little explosions, tearing themselves apart and making terrible noise. Pieces of Sleepies got to soil giving birth to the new Sleepies. Because of that everyone was confident that

Sleepies are plants, rather useless out of their silly temper. Intently, Kuzyoba and Harmful Fly carried Sleepies to the most unexpected places. After that girlfriends laughed for a while watching Imedin or Oiki or maybe someone else trembled by explosions of a ripe Sleepie beneath one’s foot. In was useless to catch up pranksters, they flew up on tops of trees.

Yet, there was another creature with wings – Oiki. Her wings were big and strong. When he ran through the forest it seemed that he was able to fly. But he himself considered his wings too thin to fly being afraid of they could torn away.

Oiki didn’t fly but never was disappointed of that. He could run so fast so that he’d never dreamt of heaven. He had no time to think about flies – he watched a cave near the Big Hill. Oiki was confident of the fact that there lived the Fearful Fear. Also, Oiki knew well that that substance couldn’t been admitted to enter the forest. Oiki gathered stones all days long to close the entranceway to the cave in order The Fear couldn’t get out of there. Each night he couldn’t fall asleep being afraid that the Fear might break the stone obstacle. It was partially true – in the morning the stone fence was partway broken.

Frightened, Oiki ran by the Enchanted World asking all around if someone saw the Fear. Only after it was cleared out that there was no the Fearful Fear, Oiki calmed and started to restore his face spoilt by the fearful thoughts.

In his free time Oiki worked on a sunflower field. He loved seeds much. Oiki lived in thenest under roots of a tree which couldn’t grow in the ground as all normal plants. Ithangsoverthelandhavingitsrootsdry. It also had neither leaves no flowers that’s why it was called the Bizarre Tree. And, if you don’t know, Bluke and Fi-fi- fi lived in the Forest. Dosser was sitting in a swamp. On the strawberry glade you could always meet clever Pufic. But Big Booms wasn’t aware of that all. From the greatness of his height he couldn’t notice anyone. More to that, he’s never looked under his feet.

The Harvest Tree helped Booms with its apples. He had a hearty breakfast and suddenly, for the first time in his life, he looked at his feet. Right on the ground laidan amazing Beautiful Flower. Her petals were dazzling white, and the core — sky blue. This flower had neither a stem nor roots.

«Perhaps the wind brought you at night,» decided Big Booms

«I’m so small and fragile,» cried the Flower, «I’m scared and cold. And I’m hungry.”

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