Дима Босяченко

Дмитрий Босяченко – писатель, социолог, маркетолог. Родился в 1987 году. Пишу прозу, сценарии. Дебют — повесть «Ждать», изд-во «Издательские решения» (2015 г). Выпускник школы писательского мастерства Creative Writing School под руководством Майи Кучерской (2015 г.).

Dmitry Bosyachenko is a writer, sociologist, marketer. Was born in 1987. I write stories, screenplays. Debut — the story «Wait», publishing house «Publishing decisions» (2015). Graduate Creative Writing School, under the leadership of Maya Kucharski (2015).

Драма «An Overhead Talk»


«It’s summer, and you are all in black».

We met in an old, almost ancient coffee shop in front of the Kazansky railway station.

«I look slender in black».

«Don’t be silly, you didn’t put on much weight».

«Yes I did».

«Okay. What did they say?»

«Everything’s ok.»

A waiter came up silently. No smile. The coffee shop was old and it did see all sorts of people.

«Have you made your choice?»


«Yes. Coffee».

«With milk or…»

«Just black coffee».

«And for me, a milk shake and tiramisu. And panna cotta, please!»

They stayed alone.

«You are eating too much sweets».

«I’m trying to eat as much as possible, as long as I can».

«That is impossible. You cannot make your life sweeter in advance».


They remained silent for a bit. Soon their order arrived.

He starred in his cup like a fortuneteller.

She was gazing out of the window.

«What a weird is that church. As if it weren’t Russian; no domes or crosses, but still it has something mysterious about it, doesn’t it?»

«You know, the times aren’t that great now».

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