Джалил Джаваншир

Джалил Джаваншир — азербайджанский писатель, переводчик и сценарист. Автор многочисленных сборников стихов, романов и множества переводов. Является главным редактором издательского дома «Qanun». Работает в «Bilik Fondu» при Президенте Азербайджанской Республики.


I’m in a boat without a paddle, in a sea of sins
My hands are empty, so is my heart
Suffering stuck in my chest, I can’t feel my face
My God!
Every breath takes away my sin, and pain out of my soul
Now everyone has left
Gone and vanished
Blood is trickled down my fingers
I fear, disdain and hate my blood
Please don’t leave me…

I opened my arms to emptiness
If death is a savior of my stretched body
My God, will you smile …
Leave all the sins of the guilty to me
Take this sad soul to your heaven
Let my soul rise up to infinite ether
Give a name of anguish for all the breakups
Leave the sins of all divorces
I seek refuge in you, just leave ’em all to me, nevermind

Just give me some anguish, blame me in all the accidents
Let me bear my suffering alone
Please divide reward to all the people equally…

Let me watch my corpse from heaven
«Look», whispers a sad voice to me
Where are all those sheding tears for my crucified corpse
Who will cry for me?

Let sinners rejoice, forgive ’em all
Write all the sins, all the sadness
Write ’em on my corpse,
Write their griveance with my blood…

They don’t know what they are doin’,
They don’t understand you
Gonna embrace your punishment,
I know my place is empty in your Grace
My journey begins, I’m coming to you
You left and let me rest on Crucifix

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