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мелодрама «I wanna be loved»

The synopsis

The novel «I wanna be loved» is about the life and death of the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.
The main character of the novel is Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker Mortenson). The brightest and the most important episodes of her life are reflected in this book: her difficult childhood, which she spent in foster-families; her unlucky marriages; her desperate attempts to break though movie-business; the career of an actress and a singer; her immersion in introspection, deep dissatisfaction with herself, and her love, glory and death. Marilyn is a weak, unprotected person. All the time she looks for heart warm, protection and love. She is like a child living in the body of the grown sexy pretty woman.
These are her nature reward and at the same time her curse. She deliberately put herself in weak personality, allowing other people to offend her and make her hurt.
The second main character is the sergeant Jack. This is a collective image of the man prosecuting his inquiry of Monroe’s death. His inquiry goes slowly and hard. There are too many barriers standing on the way to the truth: contradictory and sometimes falsified facts done by the conspiracies and secret political groups.
Subsequently, Jack finds himself drawn into the maelstrom of the criminal events with a great fraud. There are too many people want to earn money and fame and occupy a certain place in the political arena.
The sergeant does not see how he takes the side of the conspirators. They are all united by the same political beliefs. Jack comes to the conclusion that Monroe’s death is not the result of the suicide. Jack is sure that Monroe was killed by the treacherous and cunning way – with the hand of her personal psychoanalyst whom she trusted.
In the final of the novel, the author gives his own version of Monroe’s death: her death was planned by the people to whom Monroe was not pleasing because she knew too much. Jack found out the plan of the conspiracy against Monroe and involved in her death people: Pat Newcomb, Peter Lawford, Ralph Greenson, Eunice Murray.
The excerpt of the novel «I wanna be loved» When the make-up artist Alan went into the cold room and his worried look down to the late Marilyn, he froze in horror.

His bag with cosmetics seemed to get even harder. The legs trembled, but Alan, gathering the remnants of the forces bravely stepped up to the table on which the dead goddess lay .
— You can put your bag here, — said the anatomist, pointing to a movable table with wheels. The glossy surface of the table reflected the cold brilliance.
— You may begin. You have enough time, but remember that it will still need to wear her.
— Yes, yes, I know. The dress will be soon brought up.
Alan took a deep breath and leaned over to Marilyn, to get a better look at her.
— Good God! — Alan cried quietly. — How many bruises on her! What’s wrong with her face?
— The first, not the bruises but the extravasations — the anatomist went to the body of Marilyn and slightly lowered the sheet. — That’s because at the time of death and long after that, the actress was lying her face down. The second, there are not only extravasations on her face, but all over her body. I think you do not need to explain your duties.
— Oh no, I understood perfectly. Actually, once upon a time, 10 years ago, when Marilyn was in the hospital, I came to her to help with make-up. She wanted to get out of the hospital beautiful, radiant, and charming. The audience,
you know, is the most ruthless creature and it does not forgive artists of their tired look. So, in the day that I will never forget how not forget the words spoken by her in a mysterious mood, Marilyn asked for a favor. "Alan, — she said, — if something happens to me, do me a makeup, I trust only you to touch my face." I promised I would, of course, but… somehow not serious, joking.
Believe me, I thought, and could not admit that that… I will be invited to do makeup for the one who was the goddess.
Alan looked at the anatomist and blushed.
— Excuse me, — Alan uttered a barely audible voice, opening his stuffed full briefcase, — I talk too much, because I do not believe that all this had happened to her.
— Nothing. I’ll leave you. I will not bother you.
Alan was alone with Marilyn.
Once again looking at the spoiled bruises on the face and body, mutilated seams remaining after the autopsy, he thought that he would have to work hard before returning the former beauty.

The tonal basis lay down badly. On the cold hardened face of the actress the cream was barely smeared.
Alan frowned at his displeasure, then took out cosmetic the base for make-up, removed the failed make-up and returned to the base again.

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