Валентин Ярмалкович

Мне 22 года, я студент университета, почти все мое свободное время вращается вокруг книг, музыки, кинофильмов, хотя моя специальность никак не связана с творчеством.
Окончил музыкальную школу по классу фортепиано, но из-за боязни сцены «карьера» музыканты остается на стадии хобби.
Еще в детстве начал записывать коротенькие рассказы, под влиянием «Гарри Поттера» и «Властелин колец» все они принадлежали жанру фэнтези. Только в 19 я решил начать серьезно работать над написанием романа, в основу которого легли собственные страхи и переживания.

Отрывок из произведения «The Excess Energy»

Going down the hill, Eric walked briskly on dark blue asphalt. «Anywhere but wouldn’t hear him!» – that was the eternal principle of a fifteen-year boy.

The street was damp and the rain was drizzling. Disgusting and depressing. Maybe that’s why his father was so angry?

Half an hour later, he stood at the entrance of a dilapidated cinema theater, owned by the parents of his friend Noah Holm. In drizzle color, ragged walls of the building looked sad, though, like each of closely pressed to each other construction in a quiet town.

After going through the empty foyer past the closed cash desks, Eric slowly dumped the hood and went to the cafe. Hospital lighting and annoying blinking lights made the café alien body in the cinema theatre that radiated the heat of the old days.

The withered tables were empty, only Mrs. Clara Holm was there. Standing at the bar, a woman with a big heart and the size of clothes, wiped clean glasses.

— How is the day? — Eric asked friendly, sitting on a high chair.

— You’re the first one who visited us today, — with a sad smile, said Mrs. Holm, adjusting a brown bundle on her head.

— It’s not evening yet!

It was in the evening when the remaining people of the Silent Valley were running together to the cafe.

— Is Noah here? – Eric asked Mrs. Holm, watching as she was going to wipe the dust where it wasn’t.

— Noah is going to come later. Maybe I’ll bring you anything? —  She asked, hardly have said the previous sentence. Looking at the woman Eric could see her bursting desire to occupy herself with something useful.

— Pancakes.

In fact, he even didn’t want to eat; he ordered pancakes only out of politeness to Mrs. Holm.

In anticipation Eric watched through the panoramic window of the cafe as overcast sky gradually fills with frightening blackness. The street was dark, as if the night falls, although till the sunset was almost seven hours.

Ahead of heavy rain for a few seconds, Eric Noah came in empty restaurant. He was wound up and upset by something. Eric immediately guessed that the reason was Alice. In Eric’s point of view she was a local beautiful girl, and no more. He didn’t understand his peers, playing the game «I love you.» Eric is sure that this feeling they simply can’t experience, and those cutting the ear sweet words were a manifestation of childhood from which they so vehemently were trying to repudiate.

As it turned out later, Noah broke up with Alice. She left him, for the sake of a guy named William.

— Unpleasant? — Eric asked, blaming his insensitivity, looking at each other.

— Not half…

Rain, with  accompaniment of deafening clap of thunder, was so much beating on the windows, which began to seem as if they are about to be torn apart. Flown at Silent Valley wet night every moment was getting madder and more frightening.

— I’ll be back — Noah rose from his chair and walked to the fridge for a soda. – Would you like anything?

The phone call didn’t give Eric to answer.

— What happened? — Noah asked curiously, noticing the change in the face of his friend.

— It’s my father.

Holm immediately understood everything. He knew his friend was «lucky» with his father.

Eric was upset and he didn’t want to answer the call, but he knew that he must do that. Carl Lanter got furious when he was ignored by cellular. Most likely, he couldn’t phone Mrs. Lanter: it was not surprising: her old cell phone repeatedly hinted at the need for recycling. Perhaps Mr. Lanter has intended call her to inquire — whether it really is in the office, rather than in an institution encouraging adultery, in the company of a man generously treated her with cocktails. If Mrs. Lanter doesn’t answer the call – she certainly fondle in the alley with a scoundrel. From accusation to accusation the financial position and social status of a non-existent lover always varies. If  the wife doesn’t answer the call, he should call her son in order to be convinced of her infidelity – it was turn-based strategy of  «big mind» of Charles Lanter.

-I Listen, — said Eric.

— Where are you, why so long … — immediately sounded annoyed howl on the other side of the line. Eric immediately left the phone away from his ear, and rolled his eyes upward. His friend Noah gave no sign that he heard the cries of Mr. Lanter.

— Why doesn’t your mother pick up the phone?! — Still angry, he continued to shout in a rude way.

As he had expected — his mother couldn’t answer the bell for some reason, and his father suddenly decided to ask him: — «Why?».

— You seriously think I know it? — Eric said, almost screaming.

After the heinous insults, the beeps cracked. Angry parent hung up, didn’t telling a word any more.

Eric was so ashamed that such a disgusting person directly participated in his birth.

— I hate him — he admitted in a drooping voice.

Noah was silent; perhaps he didn’t know what to say and how to comfort him.

The sounds of bendable metal rang in the empty hall of a cafe. It became very hot around; Eric’s hands began to shake.

— Eric! — called him Noah in discouragement.

The guy didn’t take his eyes from the melting phone in the hand of his friend.

Glass screen pieces spilled from a solid body, which began to look like crumpled clay. Another terrible abnormality messed frustrated teen from a place, and ran away in the storm.

Holm didn’t understand anything; he remained standing under the blinking fluorescent lights. Coming to himself, he couldn’t find his friend. Eric was  far away.

The streets of the Silent Valley were deserted, its residents hid in their little houses, frightened of the lightning storm. Running through the sinking town, through the thin walls of water, Eric was trying to understand what was happening to him. His body was overpowered by anger and fear. Thoughts become darker as the clouds, filling an entire sky.

Throughout his life, he watched as his father accuses his mother of betrayals, which, by the way, had never happened. As he spits at the sight of the bastard with gray hair, which he considers the conclusive evidence of adultery.

Eric dreamed that it was true, but, to his regret, it wasn’t. Carl Lanter really was his real, the vital father: for this fact Eric hated him even more.

In front him Eric saw flickering golden light. The lamppost, which was standing by the ruins of the arched gate in the town park, was similar to a lighthouse, which lures the travelers. The wet trees, which had arisen before his eyes, put Eric in impenetrable darkness with its rotting branches. The same blackness came out of the corridor in his old apartment. In addition to the suffocating darkness of the corridor, Eric could hear terrible cries.

The little boy was hiding his head under the pillow so as not to hear the pleas of his poor mother, who was desperately defending her face.

The sparks flew away behind Eric. An iron lamppost was bent like a dying flower stalk. The lamp struck the masonry of bricks and then shattered.

The nasty memories ruthlessly pushed through Eric’s head. There were so many, that soon there was not enough space for them.

Without pausing, he continued to walk along the tall trees, the winding path, past the benches, which were absorbed by vegetation. Suddenly Eric heard the crash; he looked up and saw, that one of the largest branches, standing next to a tree, was about to crash down on him. Acting as quickly as possible — Eric jumped to the side. He didn’t have time to catch his breath, as gloomy trees of the deserted park attack him again. Broken twigs rained down on his head with bendable to the ground branches.

In a panic, Eric ran forward, trying to escape from a wooden hail. He ran between huge bushes, which wound the elm around; ran a large maple tree with sharp leaves, and some aspen, and then Eric slipped through the arch of interlacing oaks.  The giant branch of one of the oaks almost crushed him.

Eric Run out to a small glade, and then he began to stagnate in a circle, in the same place, looking as the memories were breaking his patience, and splashed out the pain destroys everything around him.

With the rending crash branches continued to bend and fall to the ground.

Eric’s exposure has exhausted. He screamed and fell to the ground, clutching his head in his hands. «I’m getting crazy ..!» — Screamed the hysterical voice deeply inside of him, drowning out the sounds of a raging downpour.


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