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Я родился в Томске, в 2008 году закончил факультет журналистики Томского государственного университета. Пишу с 14 лет.

эссе «Common value»


Whole year, or precisely 365 days, lasted the reign of Byzantine Emperor Michael VI Bringas in 1056-1057. In that year Michael VI rose from a newly ascended Emperor to the person who took on the Great Schema and abnegated later on. When Patriarch Michael Cerularius delegation came to the Emperor to convince him to abdicate, he asked «What does the Patriarch promise me in return of the kingdom?». «The Kingdom of Heaven» – punnily answered one of metropolitans.
He lasted just a year at the heights and forwent the palace for an ascetic abode. One year was not the shortest term of a monarch reign. There were Edward VIII in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1936 (326 days), Flavius Claudius Jovian, the Roman Emperor AD 363-364 (235 days), Edmund Ironside in England in 1016 (221 days), the Chinese Emperor Shih Tsung in AD 349 (183 days) and the US President William Henry Harrison in 1841 (31 days).
It seems that it is a short time, until you begin to compare it with other similar periods.
It took the first Indian spacecraft «Mangalyaan» 323 days to reach Mars . The Prague Spring lasted 229 days — a period of liberalization in Czechoslovakia in 1968. The hunger strike of Charles Haider (Dr. Haider) endured for 218 days (1986-87). He demanded Ronald Reagan administration to stop an arms race and abandon use of nuclear weapons. The polar day lasts 184 days in South Pole. 32 days is the maximum lifetime of an ordinary fruit fly Drosophila. A whole life of a fruit fly fits in the shortest presidency in the history of the USA.

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