Бородулина Екатерина

Меня зовут Бородулина Екатерина Сергеевна, родилась и живу в Электростали. В разной степени владею шестью иностранными языками (свободно владею английским, французским и испанским, на разговорном уровне — немецким и итальянским, португальский начала изучать самостоятельно где-то месяц назад, а седьмой язык — латынь, но его знания ограничиваются пройденным материалом в Университете). Пишу стихи и прозу, очень люблю читать, мой любимый жанр — классика, поскольку она расширяет кругозор и развивает интеллект. Творчеством начала увлекаться в детстве, лет с 8, но серьезно занялась написанием стихов и прозы лет в 16. Считаю, что творчество — залог мира не только в человеческой душе, но и на всей планете.

My name is Ekaterina Borodulina, I was born and I live in Elektrostal. I know six foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. The seventh language is Latin but I studied it at the University. I like reading very much, especially classical literature because this genre broadens our outlook and develops our intelligence. I started to write poems and stories at the age of 8. At the age of 16 I started to write seriously. In my opinion, creativity is the guarantee of peace not only in the Soul but also in the whole Planet.

Отрывок из произведения: «My Foreign Veil»

The Night

The Night was but a timid friend

Who brought her darkest cover,

She found my sadness to expand

And to enlarge it with an ardor.


Her cloak flew out like an arrow,

The stars were like the sharpest needles,

I felt myself a tiny sparrow,

Who was attacked by sudden eagles.


I raised my face, I shed a tear,

The Night was cryptic but so pretty,

I was to show my deepest fear

But The Night’s speech was like a ditty.


“Don’t be afraid, my dear lady”

She told me in the softest tone.

“All people always call me shady,

To my disgrace I hear them moan”.


“I bring this Planet faithful feelings,

I am younger sister of the Day,

The people think of their dealings,

I always have the flam to slay”.


“My dear kids are Dream and Hope,

I send them to destroy despond,

This time the people often grope,

This is my typical respond”.


“My aim is clear – it’s confession.

I tear off the human mask.

Some people feel the deep depression,

I show the light, it is my task”.


“The Day comes later, he is ready

To give you all a helping hand,

You’ll see a sign, don’t be heady,

Your wish must be completely planned”.


The Night was gone, I felt a sorrow

But She gave me a cheerful Dream.

While I was greeting a new morrow,

The World was like a glorious realm.

Soul gleams

Until the Sun’ to stop to shine,

Until the colors are never bright,

I’ll hold your hand – it’ll be so tight,

It’ll make me feel that you are mine.


We have just met, it is my fortune,

The darkest Sky has got a gleam,

We will forget foregoing tortures

And we will have our common dreams.


We’ll never know who is blinder,

We both can have a lot of faults:

The Love is our Life-Designer,

We’ll never need redundant words.


Even if the fate is naughty,

Even if She isn’t kind,

We both know — Life is knotty

Like a girl she changes her mind.

The Heart’s Depth

My heart is like a garden

Of rudely bitten hopes.

My heart reminds the burden

Which’s fulfilled with the frost.


There is a delicate circle.

There are some sacral depths,

For others it is a hurdle,

For me — my wonderplace.


For me it’s inspiration,

Which needs too much to grow.

It brings me much frustration,

Which helps my soul to glow.


For others Love is Flame,

They say, I need to love,

My love’s like an abyss grave.

For me it seems enough.

What is Love

Love is a losing game,

And may become the sharpest pain,

One may pronounce the tender words

And get the strikes like from the swords.

Love is a confusing game,

When someone talks to boy or girl

While, one’s calling them as pearl,

Is redding with the shame.

But love may have a better end,

And then becomes the happy bend,

When one can at once confess

And get an answer “Yes, Oh yes!”

The Moon

Selena’s swimming in the sky,

She’s like a yellow glorious eye,

She passes through the starlight night,

And throws down her jealous sight.


Selena’s name is also Moon,

For poets She is the real noon,

Perhaps the wolves will howl at her,

She’ll hear them and nothing more.


The Moon is swimming, being so lone,

Until Aurora touches her throne.

But then light fills the atmosphere,

And Moon is melting in her sphere.

About students

Well, when you are a student,

You have a lot to need.

And you’re running forward

To get yourself to eat.


Well, you may visit lectures,

You’re looking at the sheet,

There’s the one conjecture:

You’re thinking what to eat.


You must have passed a lesson,

You’re jumping on your feet,

Maybe you’ll have success in,

But first you need to eat.


Well, when you are at home,

You have enough to eat,

But after comes the syndrome

«Oh, God, I want to sleep!»


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