Артемий Чайко

С раннего детства увлекаюсь самым разнообразным творчеством: пишу книги, стихи, сочиняю музыку, рисую в разных техниках. Я создатель и руководитель музыкальной группы The Hyponeystal’ Project. Автор музыки к нескольким документальным фильмам. Веду собственный блог и видеоблог. По образованию эколог, автор более 30 научных работ в сфере экологии, геоэкологии и других. Являюсь автором пяти больших книг (и ещё две находятся в процессе доработки), нескольких рассказов и множества стихов. Издавался, главным образом, самиздатом в сети Интернет с общей аудиторией на текущий момент более полумиллиона читателей. Явлюсь приверженцем гуманистических воззрений Жана-Жака Руссо, люблю кельтскую музыку, диско и группу «Кино».

From my early years I have been fond of different types of creativity, such as writing books and poetry, composing music, also I draw using different techniques. I’m the creator and leader of the musical band “The Hyponeystal’ Project”, the author of music for several documentaries, the blogger and videoblogger. By education I am an ecologist and have more than 30 scientific articles in the field of ecology, geoecology and others, published in Russian and foreign scientific editions. Also I am the author of five large books (two of them are in the process of finalisation), of several stories and a lot of poems. My literary works have been essentially published in the Internet, nowadays my real audience is over than 500 000 readers. I’m an adherent of the humanistic views of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, I love Celtic music, disco style and the «Kino» band.


Отрывок из перевода «Новогоднее Королевство»

— Do you know that the most interesting and important information is contained in the lectures which have never been read? – began Frost, playing with his walking stick, as if nothing had happened.

— What do you mean?

— Well, you know that films usually stop abruptly at the most intriguing place, the last gift you have been looking for before the Christmas, is bought by your neighbor just before your very eyes, the professor gives each students an excellent mark without asking them just on the day when you feel an urge to miss his lecture,- Frost lifted his hands and smiled philosophically.

— Yes, indeed, — Peter drawled discontentedly, — it’s true.

— Now, let me ask you about your coming. I’ve just heard very clearly you knew the lecture to be cancelled. There are two explanations to it, — Frost smiled slyly, — first, you decided to come to your senses and catch up with your mates; second, you decided to show your wish for studying, especially when you lose nothing by it. Which variant is closer to the reality?

— Well, why so? – Peter was confused, he couldn’t even expect a cunning teacher Frost to get to the heart of the matter so easily. – I thought that I would have problem if the lecture took place and I wouldn’t come. So I decided to go but only wasted time as usual.

— No, you’ve missed nothing! Would you like me to arrange the lesson just for you?

— Just for me? – Peter looked round empty room, the idea about possible lecture didn’t attract him at all as he wanted most of all to return home, go to his cosy bed and have a sleep not less than until midday.

— Sure, ask me everything you want, even what nobody knows, and I will answer.

— Well, what do you mean «everything»? – asked Peter in perplexity. – It is just words, «the naked theory», as our physics teacher says. There are things, which even grey-haired academicians don’t know!

— What a doubting Thomas! – exclaimed Frost almost irrigated. – You just ask, with luck I may answer!

Peter with all his strength pretended to be looking thoughtful, for this he lifted up his eyes to the ceiling and with theatrical gesture began to scratch his chin.

— So, if it is a » missing lecture», I can ask EVERYTHING whatever I like and be sure to get an answer?

Frost nodded assent.

— Everything I want? – Peter asked again without a drop of trust in his voice, looking forward to the teacher’s disgrace.

— Absolutely! But only don’t ask me again about everything, ask me your real question! Go ahead, Peter, ask!

— Well, mister Frost, tell me please, which marks am I going to get for my spring exams? – Peter stared at Frost expecting to see him in an awkward situation. But Frost remained quiet.

— I could answer: your marks will go with your knowledge…

— I was sure to hear it! – exclaimed Peter triumphantly.

— Don’t interrupt your teacher! – Frost changed his tone to a didactic one, — it’s not a good manner, you know; and every self-respecting person should strive for beauty, especially in himself! Do you remember: “…from beautiful ideas we are going to come to nice thoughts, from nice thoughts – to wonderful life, from wonderful life – to absolute beauty”?

— Yes, I’m sure to remember – it’s Plato.

— Just so! But you didn’t let me finish. I’ve just said you about possible answer to a lazybones, but as I promised the definite answer – here it is! You apparently would like to know not just your marks, but everything – I mean the number of the ticket, exact main questions, additional ones, am I right?

— Absolutely, Mister Frost!

— But it’s not an easy task! – Frost made a downcast air.

— There you are!- Peter was almost glad again, but also made a dismal air to strengthen the teacher’s oversight.

— Is it possible to give up so quickly?! – Frost loudly flapped with his hand on the tribune. – With such methods we aren’t going do a lot! Difficult doesn’t mean impossible! – he smiled cunningly. – We are able to do very much, actually everything, if we get ourselves but not those people who are formed by surroundings and conditions. Our life then, like in Plato’s sermons, would be harmonious and happy, remember it!

— That might be true, but what should we do just now? – Peter for some purpose looked round in amazing, carefully studying every corner of their old lecture room.

— We just need to look into our future!

Peter looked at his teacher as if he were a mad man:

— Straight from here?

— Certainly, or from where, to your mind, should we do that?

Peter felt a little embarrassed with the teacher’s phrase, quirky Frost seemed to have guessed the train of his thought.

— Well, I expected, from physics laboratory at least, — Peter couldn’t help laughing.

— You simply watched too many cartoons. We can leave for future just now, tell me, when you are ready to start!

Peter again looked round him, obviously trying to find a time machine.

— There is no any car here, no, — Frost, being in high spirits, winked towards Peter. He seemed to be able to read people’s thoughts like a real magician.

— I seem to be ready! – Peter shrugged his shoulders.

— Here Frost smiled very complacently and quickly came up to a stained with chalk blackboard and took a piece of chalk from his pocket.

— Have a look then! Do you see this blackboard? It is covered with chalk spots since I every time write something only on this  side. – Archy Frost with a quick movement turned the board over. The back side turned out to be extremely clean, as clean and shining, as if it were new.

— You see? I never use this side for writing as it is magic: it takes only to depict something on it, and this thing will get as real as you and me. Let’s depict a door and nobody knows where it will lead us! – Frost fluently drew several lines on the blackboard, and some tawdry door appeared on it.

The student skeptically raised his eyebrow and  looked at his teacher as if he were a total madman, being impossible to conceal his real thoughts in such a preposterous situation.

— And where are we going through the door on the blackboard? – asked Peter in a voice either of a psychiatrist, speaking with his patient or a mother, calming her unreasonable child.

— Of course, to the New Year Kingdom, to the court of the Coming Year King! – Frost remained unruffled.

He quickly added the door handle to his painting. Then took it and at the moment of his touching the surface of the board the handle acquired volume. Archy Frost pulled the handle, and the door on the blackboard opened as if by magic. From behind the door bright and dazzling light flew into the room. Peter was shocked, he could hardly believe his eyes.

— A magic blackboard!!! – he exclaimed.

— Yes, it is my magic board!

Peter jumped out of his desk, took his favorite back pack and directed his quick and firm steps to the door in the blackboard.

As for the teacher Archy Frost, he actually a little bit told a lie this time… No, you shouldn’t think about him as a liar, the board was really magic, but the chalk in his hand was a bit unusual too!

— May I enter? – before the sill Peter felt dumbfounded.

Frost nodded with confidence and hurried to put on his head his famous and little pretentious top hat;

— Sure, go straight on!

They entered the drawn door and it itself closed after them.


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