Анна Ратомская

Мыслю без спроса, Пишу без спроса. Жизнь моя – просто набросок, Вернее – вызов-бросок Маленькой первородной спирали, Названной при рождении Аней.

I’m Anna Ratomskaya, a poetess… perhaps. A poetry’s harmony is the best anti-stress.

«The drama’s samsara»

  1. «… piangi, piangi, piangi, o misera…» — La traviata


gentle sorrow of sacrifice covers discords with salty wave of tears

sacrificial losses are an exhausting run on the stairs

these losses are pages of exciting love affairs

the light of lost love pierces the heart and years:

«… piangi, piangi, piangi, o misera…»



  1. in the right place at the right time


too late to look into the face of fate

too late to tell her «no penalty, oh, wait»

it’s time to tell her «keep smiling, obfuscate»

it’s time to fall in love with her updated hate


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