Анна Комар

Я начала писать стихи в 13 лет, но это была незрелая поэзия подростка, который через неё пытался выразить свои переживания, страхи и мечты. В 25 лет и начался мой период поиска себя через белорусский язык, который вылился в книгу стихов. Готовлю к публикации коллективный сборник поэтических переводов Чарльза Буковски на белорусский язык.

I started writing poems when I was 13, teenage poems to cope with fears and despair. Later, at 25, I started using the Belarusian language in my everyday life as a tool for self identification and thus my book of poetry Fear of Heights was born. At the moment I am preparing a book of poetry translations from Charles Bukowski into the Belarusian language.

Стихотворение «Замова» из книги «Страх вышыні»

A Leave Poem




you leave me,
please do

write me

a poem
in it recall
in every

what you

Tell them
how I
push needles
under my nails

and scream

with pain
as I can’t
with pleasure,
tell them
because of
high pressure
my language

from my nose
and fouls
your white shirts,
tell them
how I
pull out
the skeletons

eaten by moths
from my


Saturday mornings,

always the same




how I
tag every single

in the flat

with our names
to remember
what is yours
and where

is myspace,

tell them

how I

take off my skin

before going

to bed,

and you’re

so scared of

naked flesh

that you never

sleep at night
Write me a poem
and scream it

take it instead of


love it in a safe and

convenient way.

Just don’t

show me.

Be its father

and its mother.

Leave for me

only two last lines,

the ones that






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