Андрей Диченко

Андрей Диченко родился в 1988 году в Калининграде. С 1990-х живет в Беларуси. Белорусский русскоязычный писатель и журналист, редактор минского журнала «Я». Автор книг «Минское небо», «Ты — меня», «Плиты и провалы», «Солнечный человек».

Реализм «Contact»


All his childhood Serge suffered from autism. He didn’t actually know his diagnosis, but the adults with cold palms and wrinkled brows called his idiosyncrasies that way. We he reached fourteen, he seemed to convalesce alright, although he still didn’t start speaking. Serge knew how to count and write but applied these skills only when using public transport.

Many people took him for a little retard that got stuck forever on the preschool level; however, they were completely wrong. The young truth seeker just didn’t fit into the frames of normal human capabilities. He could understand the gist of a person simply by touching their skin with the tips of his bony fingers.

Therefore, Serge spent all his leisure—which began with dawn and ended with twilights—riding on routed taxicabs throughout the city.

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