Алтынникова Елена

Я называю себя — «свободный художник». В моей голове постоянно рождаются новые творческие идеи: я занималась изготовлением детских игрушек, профессионально занимаюсь вышивкой лентами в новом оригинальном стиле, являюсь членом профессионального союза художников, участвую в различных творческих выставках, представляя свои работы. Помимо этого я преподаю ИЗО в детском развивающем центре и пишу детские сказки. Имею высшее образование по специальности — переводчик английского языка и художественное, окончив курсы в студии искусств. В любых жизненных ситуациях всегда стараюсь подойти с креативом и с воображение.

I’m calling myself — «free artist». There are many creative ideas in my mind: I created a children toys, made a lot of embroidery pictures with ribbons in a new original art style. Also I’m a member of professional union of artists and took a part in many art exhibitions with my works. Besides I’m working as a teacher of drawing in an elementary school for kids and also I’m writing a fairy tails. I had been graduated an university as a translator of English and finished a course of drawing in an art studio. in different life situations I’m trying have a creative thinking and make it with imagination.

Сказка «Арум Одис — хранитель игрушек»

Arum Odis
The Toy Guardian
He was running panting with pain and holding a doll which was missing one eye, and the entire face of the doll was painted with a pen. He was trying not to look around, but he glimpsed a flash of light from the right, then from the left. They were still far from him… But it was necessary to hurry … He still had to find his hole in this darkness. However, these flashes were helping him to navigate.  Earlier he had never risked to leave at night, but that night it was necessary, cause he had been noticed during the day and so he had to go at night.
And now there are three hills infront of him. On which of them there are amanitas? Right there under them is his home, his shelter, his fortress.
Bright flashes became more frequent and he could distinguish that on the right there is a hillock with two amanitas. There! And, running to the knoll, he instantly disappeared. As the earth fell through …
Long ago, back in times of saber-toothed tigers and mammoths, one man was sitting by the fire and was looking at a snag in his hand. It’s form reminded him either a deer or a dog. The man began to imagine that it was an animal and tried to move it as alive and began to make sounds like this animal. He attracted the attention of children and other adults. The scene seemed funny and the children laughed at him and over this snag. The man realized that this is a good thing turned out and carries with it a joy. Thus  the first toy appeared …
A toy – it is just a thing or not? The meaning of this subject is much more than we could imagine. This is an object of a dream; The object of desire; Passion; Creativity; Grace; Pride and fear. And if a thing is filled with such emotions — it gives birth to magic.
Along with the toys there came new creatures on Earth — Odyses — the guardians of toys, living under the roots of trees, freely moving invisible until dark. With the coming of night their body became tangible and visible, so they made their mission in the daytime, and at night quietly worked in their holes. Toys for the odyses were the meaning of existence and the main passion of life. The guardians were the same magic that protects the toy, the magic is strong and often good, of course, if the toy was not born for evil …
— Mom! Let’s buy this toy-machine! Oh please! I’ve never had one like this … I really dreamed of such! Mom !?
«All right … Well, Adam. Let’s buy it, but if you do not play with it, and you put it in the closet, I’ll never buy anything to you any more!
— No, I will not dislike, honestly! Hooray!
So this way a wonderful day had started. Adam looked at his new toy, admired it, wanted to unpack it, roll, but patiently waited for his arrival home.
He ran into his room and began to break off packing of the toy. On the shelves in the boy’s room there were not old yet cars, robots, tanks, cartoon characters. The room was no lack of toys, shelves were full of it, and in the closet was a warehouse of game attributes.
Finally, the car is in his hands — a brilliant and new, unlike the others and with a little man inside. Adam carefully examined the machine for defects — they were missing. He tried to roll it first on the floor, then on the table, on the couch and, finally, ran to show it to mother.
The kids room became quiet. The light slid over the carpet, raising in its beam an endless ring of dust particles. They were poured with each movement. Soon, the light slipped into the corner of the room and a reflection from the mirror lit up a dark place at the table where it was hardly possible to distinguish something sticking out from the table. It was a model of an old car. It was not lucky — it was missing a wheel and so its value in the child’s eyes fell to zero. Day by day it was put off until it fell down behind the table at all and  lost one more headlight. Dust had covered it long ago as an archaeological find and, it seemed, its fate was determined.
However, some invisible force began to lift it, and then twist it in space. What could it be? The car spun, «scrambled» along the wall of the table, trying to get out. Finally, throwing off some of the dust, three times turned in the air and … disappeared in a ray of light.
Having played enough with the new car, the boy brought it, and left it on the shelf, in a prominent place, as the main exhibit at an exhibition. The car was seen in the eyes of the child as something unusual and attracted again to take it in hand. But decided to go for a walk, Adam withdrew his gaze and ran off to play outside.
«Oh, what hair! What a dress! And eyes, like beads! You are my bead! Sit down on the pony — you will go to the park! No, better in the car — it will be faster. You need to get braided, otherwise you will tangle all your hair and if it’s cold, we’ll put on a sweater … «
A girl was sitting with a doll in her hands and just twisted it. In her head a lot of thoughts accumulated in a dialogue, reasoning and important decisions were made.
But the doll was not so beautiful as girl said: her hair had already lost its brilliance, they had the ability to fall out. Hair color varied from chocolate to red. But when the girl plaited the doll two nice braids, the toy became pretty: her eyes were big blue with long eyelashes, her lips were inflated like an upset girl, her body was ragged with plastic inserts of her hands and ankles, which allowed her to ride a pony and get into the car.
Having put on a sweater on her doll from the bad weather in the room, the girl put it in the truck, and the doll went to another room, where there was a stand with room flowers, called the «park».
On the floor of the kids room there were abandoned combs and pony. The look of the intelligent eyes of the horse rushed far to the edge of the floor under the cupboard, where a long time ago there laid the figure of a small Christmas tree, with eyes like a frightened kitten and a twisted smile. The smile became skewed because of this figure was made of rubber and was blown off over time, or maybe there was a crack on it and it was no longer possible to smile beautifully. According to the scenario of one of a games, she played the role of the ball and was abandoned under the cupboard and forgotten there for long days.
The glassy eyes of the pony reflected the silhouette of the Christmas tree, as well as the fact that suddenly this toy jumped, began to approach the lying horse, and finally got out with an invisible force from under the cupboard, hung in the air and disappeared.
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